Adams Family Ground
Hoch's Lane
Wiccopee, Dutchess County

From the Large Adams Stone
(4 sided-Sarah's inscription on one side and Norman's on the opposite side - other sides blank)

Sarah D. Adams
died January 28, 1887
age 60 years
"Our dear mother who has left is ????? but she is free
from ????? and pain ???? ???? ???? and our lost
. . . . couldn't make out the rest . . . . . . . ."

Norman Adams
October 15, 1865
age 39 Years 3 Months 28 Days
"Behold and see as you pass by
As you are now so once was I
As I am now soon you will be
Prepare to die and follow me"

There was also a separate individual stone that was broken for Norman but I was able to get this:

Norman Adams
October 15, 1865
age 39 Years 3 months
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
(This was just the top half of the stone – could not locate the bottom)

Lewis D. Adams
died Dec. 5, 1882
age 24 years, 7 months, 26 days
(Broken in two pieces)

Son of Timeson and Bell Adams
died Aug. 8, 1886?
aged 8 months 2 days?
(This one was very difficult and was the stone a stone that had been stolen and re-erected as told to be by the person who re-erected it)

Norman J.
Son of Norman & Sarah D.
Died October 12, 1865
age 1 year 6 months & ? days.
(***that could be 4 years***)

(Also from local funeral home records there is a notation that this burial is also in this cemetery but I did not locate a stone.)

William H. Adams
Died Aug. 30. 1897 resident of East Fishkill
at Age 7 buried Sept 1, 1897 "East Fishkill on Farm"
Father Herman D. Adams born East Fishkill
Mother - blank - born Kents Cliff

According to the adjacent landowner this cemetery has had stones stolen from it. This person actually chased the thieves once and re-erected the "Johney" stone above that they were forced to leave behind. The story he told me was that the stones were being sold to make Adirondack Chairs.

This is a fairly large family cemetery enclosed by a stone wall but with very
few standing or remaining stones. My grandfather's sister was married to Theodore Adams, son of Norman and Sarah Theodore and Emma Hawks Adams are buried in Fishkill Rural Cemetery. Theodore once owned the farm on which this cemetery is located.

Transcribed by and photo taken by Ginny Buechele

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