Interrments in Coleman's Station Burying Ground

(11/07)  Listings more recent than Poucher for Coleman's Station Burying Ground have been sent in by Alysia Hamilton who has relatives that live across from the cemtery as well as some that are buried there ( Wheeler and Collin surnames).

(10/3/99)  "I had the pleasure this summer of visiting the Coleman Station Burying Ground. I located some relatives. They were the Colemans listed on your list. The way that I found them was through a book that I located at the Sharon, CT library. The book was Burying Grounds of Sharon, Connecticut, Amenia and North East, New York (1903). The Burying Ground itself was in very poor shape. It had not been maintained in several years and about one third of the stones were covered in overgrowth. I wish I'd had more time, but I'd already spent three days working on the Col(e)man graves at the Cartwright Cemetery in Sharon. Maybe on my next trip north. Feel free to pass my name to anybody you might be in contact with in regards to Col(e)mans in that region."  Dave Colman

BARRETT, Caleb, b Nov 21, 1807, d Sep 26, 1851
BARRETT, Caroline Clark, wife of Caleb D. Barrett, b Apr 4, 1814, d Sep 23, 1865
BARRETT, Caroline, dau of Caleb D. and Caroline, b Feb 28, 1846, d Apr 10, 1867
BARRETT, Catherine S. Hornfager, wife of Oliver Barrett, Jan 24, 1826 - Sep 3, 1870
BARRETT, Cornelia, Mar 27, 1863 - Aug 16, 1865
BARRETT, Ezra L., d Nov 18, 1857, ae 82y 1m 22d
BARRETT, Mary, d Jan 20, 1843, ae 68y 8m
BARRETT, Olive, dau of Caleb D. and Caroline, b Dec 15, 1843, d Nov20, 1866
BARRETT, Oliver, Dec 9, 1819 - Jul 3, 1896
BARRETT, Rhoda, wife of Ezra L., d May 23, 1860, ae 80y 2m 17d
BARRETT, Sarah L., d Apr 9, 1886, ae 80y 4m 3d
BROWN, Selina H., wife of Milton Brown and dau of John M. and Hannah Wheeler, d Mar 30, 1848, ae 27y 5m 17d
CLARK, Alice H., wife of Philo W. d Jul 4, 1864, ae 22y
CLARK, Betsey Ann Wheeler, wife of Henry, d Aug 1, 1870, ae 53y
CLARK, Douglass, d Oct 18, 1862, ae 88y
CLARK, Edgar, d Sep 12, 1877, ae 64y
CLARK, Elizabeth, wife of Douglass, d Feb 10, 1870, ae 78y
CLARK, Emeline, wife of Edgar, d Dec 25, 1882, ae 68y
CLARK, Emily Harrington, wife of George Clark, b May 9, 1851, d Oct 19, 1876
CLARK, George, b May 3, 1818, d Apr 14, 1892
CLARK, Hiram, son of Douglass and Sally, d Dec 10, 1806, ae 4y
CLARK, Hiram, Jun 1, 1824 - Dec 6, 1890
CLARK, s., infant son of Hiram and Mary, d Jun 19, 1858, ae 4d
CLARK, Henry, d Aug 28, 1885, ae 77y
CLARK, Mary, widow of Moses, d Apr 25, 1874, ae 85y
CLARK, Mary Ann, wife of Edgar Clark and dau of Nicholas and Betsey Holbrook, d Mar 3, 1849, ae 30y
CLARK, Mary Ann, dau of Ezra and Betsey, d Oct 31, 1826, ae 4y 6m 16d
CLARK, Mary Louisa, dau of Philo W. and Mary E., d Jan 16, 1886, ae 13y 6m 15d
CLARK, Mary Righter, wife of Hiram Clark, Jan 20, 1824 - Apr 12, 1902
CLARK, Moses, d Aug 1, 1854, ae 69y
CLARK, Olive, dau of Douglass Esq. and Sally, d Aug 5, 1824, ae 27y
CLARK, Perry, d May 27, 1838, ae 38y
CLARK, Philo W., d Nov 23, 1880, ae 49y
CLARK, Sally, wife of Douglass, d Jun 11, 1821, ae 47y
CLARK, Willie, son of Philo W. and Alice H., d Nov 24, 1862, ae 1y 2m
COLEMAN, Achsa, relict of Amasa, d Dec 2, 1846, ae 71y
COLEMAN, Amasa D., b Jun 28, 1804, d Oct 7, 1876
COLEMAN, Elizabeth Rugg, wife of Amasa Coleman, b Oct 31, 1809, d May 12, 1885
COLEMAN, Josiah, b Jul 23, 1848, d Jul 31, 1872
COLLIN, Aurelia, dau of James and Lydia, d May 21, 1820, ae 1m 2w 3d
COLLIN, David N., son of James and Lydia, d Mar 3, 1840, ae 17y
COLLIN, Esther, relict of David, d May 31, 1824, ae 89y
COLLIN, James, d Jul 15, 1856, ae 79y
COLLIN, J. Hamblin, d Jan 17, 1860, ae 51y 10m
COLLIN, Lucy, wife of David, d Mar 15, 1776, ae 23y
COLLIN, Lydia, wife of James, d Nov 1, 1835, ae 52y
COLLIN, Mary, dau of J.H. and L., d Jun 4, 1854, ae 3y
CONKLIN, Sarah M., d Jan 26, 1875, ae 63y
CURTISS, Mrs. Ruth, wife of Capt. Allin, d Sep __, 1749, ae 50y
DAKIN, Betsey, d Jun 11, 1848, ae 64y
EATON, Charlotte W., wife of Asahel, d Feb 23, 1825, ae 29y (Thomas Wheeler monument)
GAGER, Mrs. Mercy, widow of Mr. John, d Sep 28, 1810, ae 63y
GILBERT, Betsey, dau of Timothy and Hannah, d Aug 24, 1811, ae 26y
GILBERT, Hannah, wife of Timothy, d Aug 23, 1857, ae 92y
GILBERT, Hannah Stevenson, dau of Timothy and Hannah, d Aug 11, 1850, ae 52y
GILBERT, Elizabeth, d Aug 27, 1809, ae 25y. And..
GILBERT, Rufus, d Sep 29, 1821, ae 26y. And..
GILBERT, Julia Ann, d Jun 18, 1826, ae 25y. And..
GILBERT, James, d May 29, 1834, ae 26. And..
GILBERT, Caroline, d May 27, 1840, ae 27y. And..
GILBERT, Sarah, d Feb 6, 1840. Children of Timothy and Hannah Gilbert.
GILBERT, Laura Jane, d May 20, 1861, ae 26y
GILBERT, Melissa, dau of Timothy and Hannah, d May 11, 1807, ae 4y
GILBERT, Phebe, dau of Timothy and Hannah, d Dec 19, 1816, ae 2y
GILBERT, Sarah, relict of Samuel, d Feb 22, 1818, ae 86y
GILBERT, Timothy, d Apr 14, 1846, ae 86y
HAINES, Armina C., b Mar 9, 1845, d Dec 10, 1868
HAINES, Esther, widow of Curtis, b Aug 2, 1780, d Dec 26, 1856
HAINES, Jennie A., b Apr 12, 1847, d Feb 3, 1877
HAINES, Julia E., b Nov 20, 1809, d Mar 27, 1858
HAINES, Mary E., b Aug 2, 1837, d Oct 8, 1859
HAINES, Milton W., b Jan 11, 1840, d Jan 14, 1858
HAINES, William, b Jul 29, 1807, d Sep 16, 1884
HOFFMAN, Myra E., dau of William and Harriet M., d Mar 12, 1860, ae 19y
HOFFMAN, Marion, d Oct 29, 1870, ae 26y
HUBBARD, Mrs. Emma M., third and last dau of William and Anna Wheeler, d at Sheffield, Mass, Mar 1, 1846, ae 30y
JENKS, Edward Deming, son of William H. and Mary R., d Nov 14, 1861, ae 5m 20d
JENKS, Mary R., wife of William H., d Mar 12, 1863, ae 38y 8m 12d
JENKS, d., infant dau of William H., and Mary R., d Mar 8, 1863
MILLS, Eli, d May 20, 1857, ae 81y 10m 23d
MILLS, Ortentia, wife of Eli, d Apr 15, 1829, ae 41y
MILLS, Samuel E., son of Eli and Ortentia, d Oct 4, 1841, ae 16y
MOSHIER, Miss Betsey, dau of the widow Martha, d Apr 5, 1817, ae 27y
MOSHIER, Martha, relict of Samuel, d Jun 27, 1827, ae 71y
MOSHIER, Miss Patty, dau of the widow Martha, d Dec 6, 1815, ae 27y
NEWCOMB, Harvey B., son of Buel and Dorothea, b Jun 18, 1819, d Nov 11, 1882
PENOYER, Abigail, dau of Joseph and Lucy, d May 10, 1778, ae 5y
PITCHER, Myra C., d Sep 21, 1880, ae 79y 11m
RAYMOND, Mary E., widow of Philo W. Clark and wife of Sheldon C. Raymond, d Oct 31, 1884, ae 50y
SANFORD, Hannah, d Apr 19, 1790, ae 82y. She was wife firstly to John Collin, secondly to John Tomlinson, and thirdly to Nathaniel Sanford.
SORNBORGER, Mary E., dau of George A. and Cornelia, d May 24, 1830, ae 3m 6d
TRAVIS, Jane A., wife of David Travis and dau of John M. and Hannah Wheeler, b Oct 9, 1828, d Nov 17, 1863
TROWBRIDGE, Sarah, wife of Alexander Trowbridge and dau of Douglass and Sarah Clark, d Mar 27, 1843, ae 44y 5m
TROWBRIDGE, Sarah C., dau of Alexander W. and Sarah, d Jul 29, 1845, ae 9y
WHEELER, Abigail H., wife of Eben, Feb 15, 1794 - Dec 6, 1888
WHEELER, Alanson, d Oct 25, 1846, ae 61y 10m 19d
WHEELER, d., dau of Almon A. and Antoinette S., d Apr 21, 1853, ae 2m
WHEELER, Anna, dau of John G. and Sarah A., d Apr 29,1847, ae 8m
WHEELER, Anna, wife of William, d Jan 6, 1846, ae 65y
WHEELER, Anthony, d Jul 8, 1840, ae 68y
WHEELER, s., son of Barach C. and Caroline E., d Dec 16, 1832, ae 4m 2d
WHEELER, Benjamin F., d Feb 5, 1833, ae 29y. Died at sea in Lat 31.5 N, on his return from the Island of St. Thomas. His remains were committed to the ocean.
WHEELER, Betsey, wife of Eben, d Oct 5, 1828, ae 46y
WHEELER, Catherine F., wife of Seth, d May 25,1847, ae 67y
WHEELER, Charlotte A., dau of Worcester and Wait, b Mar 31, 1830, d Jun 5, 1866
WHEELER, Curtis, son to Noah and Eunice, d Jun 25, 1775, ae 3m
WHEELER, Cyrus M., d Jul 13, 1838, ae 66y
WHEELER, Deidamia, dau of Anthony and Phebe, d Nov 24, 1806, ae 7y
WHEELER, Eben, d Feb 23, 1869, ae 90y 6m
WHEELER, Edmond A., son of Alanson and Hannah, d Sep 8, 1819, ae 3y 5m 4d
WHEELER, Egbert M., son of Lawrence and Polly, d Apr 3, 1839, ae 7w
WHEELER, Lieut Elijah, d Sep 3, 1774, ae 41y
WHEELER, Mr. Eliphalet, d Sep 5, 1788, ae 49y
WHEELER, Emeline, dau of Eben and Betsey, d Feb 4, 1859, ae 49y 9m 26d
WHEELER, Erastus, b Jan 7, 1820, d Dec 6, 1875
WHEELER, Mrs. Eunice, "In Memory of Mrs. Eunice Wheeler, consort of Capt. Wheeler who died April the 26th, 1812 in the 64th year of her age."
WHEELER, Eunice, wife to Capt. Thomas, d Mar 18, 1787, ae 67y
WHEELER, Eugene, son of Solomon and Lucretia,d Sep 15, 1838, ae 23y
WHEELER, Hannah, wife of Alanson, d May 8, 1845, ae 58y 14d
WHEELER, Hannah Peck, wife of John M. Wheeler, d Sep 23, 1862, ae 63y 1m 8d
WHEELER, H. Harrison, d Apr 29, 1838, ae 26
WHEELER, Helen A., dau of John M. and Hannah, b Dec 14, 1835, d Jan 4, 1865
WHEELER, Isaac D., son of John M. and Hannah, d Mar 13, 1841, ae 2y 10m 25d
WHEELER, James H., son of Anthony Wheeler Esq. and Mrs. Phebe, his wife, d Sep 25, 1815, ae 13m
WHEELER, Jane A., dau of William and Anna, d Apr 17, 1832, ae 18y
WHEELER, John F., eldest son of Woorcester and Waite, b Aug 9, 1817, d Jun 28, 1871
WHEELER, John G., d Mar 12, 1849, ae 37y
WHEELER, John M., d Feb 16, 1861, ae 65y 9m 1d
WHEELER, Lydia, wife of Thomas N., d Apr20, 1860, ae 85y
WHEELER, Mrs. Mary, wife to Capt Seth, d Jun 11, 1832, ae 81y
WHEELER, Mariette, dau of Eben and Betsey, Jul 9, 1818 - Dec 6, 1892
WHEELER, Mr. Nathan, d Jan 17, 1766, ae 66y
WHEELER, Capt. Noah, d Jun 4, 1823, ae 79y
WHEELER, Phebe, wife of Anthony, d Jan 28, 1851, ae 79y 6m 11d
WHEELER, Orelly, dau of Eben and Betsey, d Jan 19, 1810, ae 3y
WHEELER, Sally Ann, dau of William and Anna, d Feb 23, 1812, ae 1y 11m 19d
WHEELER, Sarah Scott, wife of Cyrus M. Wheeler, d Sep 3, 1854, ae78y
WHEELER, Selina, d Sep 12, 1865, ae 68y
WHEELER, Capt. Seth, d Feb 3, 1818, ae 69y
WHEELER, Seth, d Feb 25, 1829, ae 55y
WHEELER, Solomon, d May 7, 1852, ae 59y
WHEELER, Capt Thomas, d Sep 1, 1757, ae 44y
WHEELER, Th__, (chipped off), son to Seth and Mary, d Oct 5, 1776, ae 3__
WHEELER, Thomas E., son of Capt Alanson T. and Melissa R., d Feb 21, 1852, ae 1y 6m 18d
WHEELER, Thomas N., d Feb 9, 1844, ae 70y
WHEELER, Wait Freeman, wife of Worcester Wheeler, d May 7, 1866, ae 75y
WHEELER, William, d Dec 3, 1842, ae 67y
WHEELER, William H., second son of William and Anna, who d at Revenna, Portage Co., Ohio, of short illness, Jul 4, 1844, ae 26y. His remains were buried here.
WHEELER, Worcester, d Mar 4, 1856, ae 76y

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