"Old Gravestones of Dutchess County, New York" by J. W. Poucher published in 1924, page 7.

Note: Some of Poucher's listings have been found to be inaccurate, so use these with caution. If you find any inaccuracies in this listing please send them to me so that I may correct them. Lynn Brandvold  Thanks.

CLASSIFICATION: Family ground.
LOCATION: North of Green Haven, on the original Flagler farm, in an open field on the south side of the blind road that leads east from the main highway.
CONDITION: Overgrown.
INSCRIPTIONS: 16 in number. Copied June 22, 1913, by J. W. Poucher, M.D.
REMARKS: Zachariah Vlegelar of Wertheim, Franconia, came to the valley of the Hudson in 1709. He died in 1720 in Dutchess county, leaving three sons who are the ancestors of all the Fleglers in the United States. His son Philip Solomon Flegler built in 1736 a house, the shell of which is still standing east of the burial ground in the hollow under the hill. The house and farm passed to Philip Flagler (1731-1804), then to Solomon (1773-1850), after whose death the farm was sold. Philip S. Flegler (1701-1766) and his wife were first buried in this ground. In recent years their bodies were removed to the modern cemetery at Poughquag.

1. Flagler, Catherine T., w. of Shadrach R., d. 1843, Nov. 20, a. 22-1-7.
2. Flagler, Catherine, w. of Zacharias, d. 1853, May 13, a. 86 y. 2 m.
3. Flagler, Elizabeth, d. 1801, Jan. 20, a. 29-8-3.
4. Flagler, Jane, w. of Philip, & dau. of Joseph & Siche Doughty, d. 1846, Sep. 4, a. 85 y. 2 m.
5. Flagler, Jerusha Emigh, w. of John W., d. 1856, Oct. 29, a. 56 y. 10 m.
6. Flagler, John W., d. 1876, Dec. 9, a. 85 y. 8 m.
7. Flagler, Phebe Dennis, w of Solomon, d. 1841, Oct. 5, a. 65 y. 25 d.
8. Flagler, Phebe Maria, dau. of Philip, d. 1831, Nov. 21, a. 2-6-11.
9. Flagler, Philip, husband of Sarah, d. 1804, Apr. 7, a. 72-5-26.
10. Flagler, Philip, b. 1756, May 30, d. 1841, May 7, a. 84-11-8.
11. Flagler, Sarah, w. of Philip, d. 1802, Apr. 3, a. 68-7-5.
12. Flagler, Shadrach R., d. 1851, Nov. 1, a. 42-3-29.
13. Flagler, Solomon, b. 1773, Aug. 31, d. 1850, May 31.
14. Flagler, Zacharias, d. 1839, June 30, a. 75-9-13.
15. Monfort, Cornelia Flagler, w. of Peter I., d. 1825, June 2, a. 25-1-16.
16. Monfort, Peter I., d. 1834, July 16, a. 39-3-20.

Copied by Charlotte Carey Dingee and transcribed and submitted by Liz DuBois

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