With the generous permission of the author, the following has been transcribed from Barbara Smith Buys, Old Gravestones of Putnam County, New York : Together with information from ten adjacent Dutchess County burying grounds (Baltimore : Gateway Press ca 1975). This material is under copyright. No part may be reproduced, in whole or in part, in any form, without the specific written permission of the author.

Mrs. Buys notes that only stones of people born before and through the calendar year of 1850 were transcribed, and "that numerous plain fieldstone markers and unmarked, but evident, graves, were found", in addition to those listed.


This cemetery is less than ½ mile from Putnam County on the west side of Route 22 in a small clump of trees about 250 ft. west of the road.

1. HOWES, Andrew, d. Feb. 21, 1865, 89 y.
2. HOWES, Catherine Mary, dau. of Noah and Sophia, d. Jan. 10, 1821, 2 y.
3. HOWES, Emily C., dau. of Orrin and Mary, d. May 18, 1826, 4 m., 7 d.
4. HOWES, Leander, s. of Orrin and Mary J., d. Apr. 26, 1882, n.a.g.
5. HOWES, Lucenia, w. of Prince, d. Sept. 8, 1817, 76 y.
6. HOWES, Mary, w. of Noah, d. Sept. 28, 1825, 58 y.
7. HOWES, Mary Jane, w. of Orrin E., d. Oct. 30, 1883, 75-8-4.
8. HOWES, Noah, d. Dec 21, 1839, 77-4-15.
9. HOWES, Noah Lee, d. Jan. 2, 1838, 42-4-26.
10. HOWES, Orrin E., d. Oct. 27, 1887, 87-8-16.
11. HOWES, Prince, d. Apr. 26, 1812 in 69th yr.
12. HOWES, Prince (Doctor), d. Dec. 28, 1815 in 27th yr.
13. JONES, Capt. Josiah, d. Aug. 7, 1810 in 51st yr.
14. ROCKWELL, Mary, w. of Isaac, d. Feb. 9, 1818, 46 y.
15. L. J. - Footstone which appears to belong to a stone which has top broken off and missing. Only information available is "age 11 yr., 21 d."

Transcribed by Susan Brehm

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