With the generous permission of the author, the following has been transcribed from Barbara Smith Buys, Old Gravestones of Putnam County, New York : Together with information from ten adjacent Dutchess County burying grounds (Baltimore : Gateway Press c1975). This material is under copyright. No part may be reproduced, in whole or in part, in any form, without the specific written permission of the author.

Mrs. Buys notes that only stones of people born before and through the calendar year of 1850 were transcribed, and "that numerous plain fieldstone markers and unmarked, but evident, graves, were found", in addition to those listed.


From the Taconic Parkway, take Miller Hill Road to the west and join on Shenandoah Road. Cross a small culvert-bridge and notice the old gate opening in the stone wall on the left. This was still there in 1970. Proceed in a westerly direction toward the mountain on the remains of the old dirt road. After about 500 ft., on fairly flat land, the land begins to rise gradually for about 700 feet. The road has been lost in the course of this 1200 traverse. At this point there is a stone wall directly across your path and behind this begins the fairly sharp rise which is the beginning of the mountain. Proceed up this rise, still in a westerly direction, for about 200 feet. The plot is enclosed by a fieldstone fence and is on the north side of the old dirt road, which again becomes visible and proceeds further up the mountain.

1. KNAPP, Abraham, b. Mar. 16, 1816, d. Feb. 8, 1887.
2. KNAPP, Ester, w. of Abraham, d. July 17, 1865, 45-4-15.
3. KNAPP, Esther, d. July 16, 1860, 17 y. *
4. PULLING, Betsey, dau. of Abraham and Hannah, d. June 8, 1830, 9-1-10.
5. PULLING, Garrison, s. of Abraham and Hannah, d. June 22, 1826, 12 y., 9 m.
6. PULLING, Marcy, dau. of Abraham and Hannah, d. Mar. 23, 1831, 1-2-20*.
7. VAN VLACK, Manda E., dau. of Gilbert and Phebe, d. July 3, 1837, 4 y.

*(On several earlier lists, these names have been given as Enos and Nancy, respectively, but they are, in fact, as listed above)

Transcribed by Susan Brehm

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