Interments in the LASSEN GROUND

"Old Gravestones of Dutchess County, New York" by J. W. Poucher published in 1924, page 232.

Note: Some of Poucher's listings have been found to be inaccurate, so use these with caution.

LOCATION: Family ground
Near New Hamburgh, on land owned by Mr. George T. Bowdoin, north of the residence of the late Mr. Irving Grinnell and south of Jan Casper's Kil, in an orchard.
CONDITION: Almost obliterated.
INSCRIPTIONS: 3 in number. Copied September 24, 1914, by J. W. Poucher, M.D.,
and Mrs. Harris S. Reynolds.
REMARKS: Pieter Pieterse Lessen of Albany settled upon land immediately south of the mouth of Jan Casper's Kil before 1688. This burial ground is probably not far from the site of his dwelling and presumably contains many unmarked graves. It is mentioned in early deeds as perpetually reserved for burial purposes. The name Lassen is found in various phonetic spellings (Lassing, Lossing, Lawson) and a numerous family, descended from Pieter Pieterse, has been identified with the vicinity of New Hamburgh.

1. Bearman, Jacob, a. or Jacob & Sarah, d. 1794, Sep 27, a. 2-9-6.
2. F-----, "S. F. 1785."
3. Lawson, Mary, w. or I(saa)k, d. 1767, a. "sexti Fore yars".

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