Interments in the North East Center Burying Grounds

Burying Grounds of Sharon, Connecticut, Amenia and North East, New York (1903).

BEECRAFT, Sallie, d Feb 5, 1885, ae 88y
BOSWORTH, Betsey, wife of William, d Nov 5, 1857, ae 47y
BOSWORTH, Catharine, d May 2, 1891, ae 70y 11m
BOSWORTH, William, d Jun 30, 1860, ae 62y
CAIN, Helen M., d Aug 11, 1853, ae 7y
CAIN, Cornelia L., d Feb 19, 1854, ae 14m 19d. Children of Joshua E. and Elizabeth
CAPRON, George E., son of John J. and Maria J., d Sep 19, 1861, ae 3y 3m 26d
CAPRON, Giles B., d Jan 5, 1879, ae 46y 11m 19d
CAPRON, Johney, son of John J and Maria J., d Sep 17, 1857, ae 1y 1m 25d
CAPRON, Ledgyard, d Jul 20, 1873, ae 73y
CAPRON, Olive B., wife of Ledyard, d Dec 30, 1852, ae 53y
CLARK, Douglass, son of Douglass L., d Aug 24, 1866, ae 18m
COOLEY, Harriet, wife of Morris, ______
COOLEY, Henrietta Maria, dau of Morris and Harriet, d Jul 11, 1859, ae 22y
COOLEY, Morris, d Jun 14, 1860, ae 63y
DEAN, Ellen W., wife of J.E., d Nov 13, 1883, ae 42y
DEAN, Olive T., dau of Junius and Ellen, d Dec 12, 1863, ae 6m 17d
DUNBAR, Alexander, d Oct 18, 1813, ae 34y 10m
DUNBAR, Chloe Ann, dau of Alexander and Sally Ann, d Sep 5, 1841, ae 1y 10m 20d
FRENCH, Catharine, wife of Edward C., d Jan 18, 1854, ae 21y
FRENCH, Eudora, dau of John and Mary, d Jan 28,1863, ae 2y 10m 7d
FRENCH, George P., son of Edward C. and Catharine, d Sep 21,1853, ae 5y
FRENCH, Hosea, d Mar 21, 1857, ae 86y
FRENCH, Walter, son of Norman and Irena, d Mar 6, 1845, ae 8y 8m 28d
GILBERT, Sarah E., dau of Joseph and Sarah, d Dec 31, 1855, ae 20y
HUBBELL, Maria L., dau of Abijah and Susan A., d Jan 27, 1859, ae 13y 4m 21d
HULL, Ann, d May 21, 1870, ae 57y
HULL, Charles W., son of John I. and Sarah Ann, d Jan 25, 1852, ae 6y 21d
HULL, Hannah E., d Dec 18, 1851, ae 70y
HULL, John A., d Mar 24, 1866, ae 59y
HULL, John I., b Feb 2, 1805, d Jun 19, 1891
HULL, Joseph W., d Oct 2, 1877, ae 35y
HULL, Mary, wife of Joseph W., d Oct 1, 1877, ae 35y
HULL, Sarah Ann Davis, wife of John I. Hull, d Aug 11, 1817
HUNKER, Julia E. Caine, wife of Frederick Hunker, d Feb 3, 1863, ae 20y 10m
LLOYD, Hiram, d Jan 5, 1860, ae 39y
LLOYD, James H., son of Leonard and Mary, d May 31, 1838, ae 6y
LLOYD, Mary, wife of Leonard, d Mar 2, 1839, ae 16y 10m 4d
LLOYD, Mary Ann, dau of George and Aurelia, d Apr 3, 1843,ae 1y 1m 9d
PHELPS, Elijah B., d Mar 20, 1855, ae 55y
PHELPS, Hattie A., dau of Robert W. and Rachel A., d Nov 26, 1859, ae 9m 26d
RICHMOND, Lucy Ann, widow of Anthony, d Sep 11, 1858, ae 81y 7m 27d
ROW, Minnie, dau of Henry and Cornelia, d Jan 29, 1862 (no age given)
SHOOK, Anna, dau of John W. and Sarah, d Sep 17, 1870, ae 2y 6m 7d
SHOOK, Harriet L., wife of Henry W., d Jul 10, 1877, ae 55y. Next is grave with no stone.
SHOOK, Henry W., d Sep 11, 1887, ae 66y 7m
SHOOK, Johnnie, son of J.W. and Sarah, d Feb 5, 1885, ae 1y 4m
STANSBURY, Thomas, b a slave, d Jan 30, 1899. Erected by friends.
STOCKING, Georget, son of Ralph D. and Lucretia, d Aug 19, 1863, ae 3y 11m 24d
STOCKING, Mary L., dau of Ralph and Lucretia, d Jun 23, 1849, ae 5y 7m 1d
VANDERBURGH, Peter, D Nov 30, 1844, ae 39y
WATERBURY, Andrew W., son of Legrand and Lydia M., d Mar 15, 1841, ae 2y 10m 15d

LEE Family Plot

CAULKINS, J. N. Robinson, son of John G. and Nancy L., d Feb 4, 1863, ae 3y
LEE, Bradley, son of Daniel and Nancy, d Jul 5, 1846, ae 19y
LEE, Daniel, d Dec 31, 1865, ae 87y
LEE, Eliza Jane, dau of Daniel and Nancy, d Sep 19, 1860, ae 41y 6m
LEE, Hester Ann, d Sep 11, 1889, ae 65y
LEE, Nancy, wife of Daniel, d Sep 4, 1841, ae 44y

GOODRICH Family Plot

CLARK, Mrs. Alma, consort to Mr. Lester Clark and dau of Mr. Ethan and Mrs. Abigail Goodrich, d Jun 12, 1812, in her 26th year. Leaving a surviving infant son about 2 days old.
GOODRICH, Mrs. Abigail, relict of Mr. Ethan, d Jan 10, 1837, in her 76th year
GOODRICH, Caroline Tibbals, wife of Walstein A. Goodrich, b Apr 12, 1801, d Apr 9, 1897
GOODRICH, Elizabeth M., Jun 3, 1856 - Sep 10, 1874. 'Sister' on top of stone.
GOODRICH, Mr. Ethan, d Oct 24, 1812, in his 56th year
GOODRICH, Ethan, d Jul 31, 1824, ae 27y
GOODRICH, Harriet, dau of Hiram and Myra, d Sep 20, 1817, ae 5d
GOODRICH, Laura, b Jul 11, 1829, d Apr 19, 1885
GOODRICH, Nelson, d Oct 26, 1827, ae 42y
GOODRICH, Othniel, son of Hiram and Myra, d Feb 28, 1828, ae 3m 14d
GOODRICH, Phebe Maria, wife of Walstein Jr., d Dec 21, 1847, ae 25y 1m 9d
GOODRICH, Walstein, b Jul 22, 1803, d Sep 14, 1867
GOODRICH, Walstein Jr., d Jan 25, 1858, ae 28y 4m
GREATHEAD, Alma E., wife of George, b Feb 29, 1825, d Dec 10, 1877
HORTON, Abigail, Jun 21, 1824 - Oct 12, 1827
HORTON, Emily M., Jul 4, 1814 - _____
HORTON, Frances, wife of Joseph, Jun 4, 1784 - Jan 20, 1852
HORTON, Rev. Goodrich, Dec 27, 1811 - Sep 15, 1850
HORTON, Joseph, Sep 6, 1787 - Aug 21, 1868
HORTON, J. Goodrich, b Oct 21, 1840, killed at Culpepper, Va., Aug 9, 1862. Ist Sergt., Co. M, 5th NY Cav.
HORTON, Ruth, d Jul 22, 1842, ae 92y
HORTON, Susan M, Aug 18, 1819 - Jul 23, 1894

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