LOCATION: Two miles south of Smithfield.
CONDITION: Overgrown and neglected.
INSCRIPTIONS: 81 in number. Copied by L. Van Alstyne of Sharon, Conn. See page 206 of "Burying Grounds of Sharon, Conn., Amenia and North East, New York", printed 1903.
REMARKS: "The Separate Church" (Congregational) was built south of Smithfield at an early date. Prior to 1800 the Rev. John Cornwall ministered to the congregation.

ADAMS, Abraham, d Feb 22, 1822, ae 57y
ADAMS, A. K., d Jun 21, 1851, ae 35y. Died in San Francisco.
ADAMS, Carmelia, dau of Abraham and Mary, d Feb 20, 1820, ae 25y
ADAMS, George Washington, son of Mr. Benjamin and Mrs. Polly, d Mar 1, 1801, ae 5m 11d
ADAMS, Mary, dau of Elisha and Olivia, d Aug 9, 1831, ae 9y
ADAMS, Mrs. Mary, wife of Benjamin, d Sep 20, 1820, ae 43y
ADAMS, Miss Mary Emeline, dau of Benjamin B. and Mary, d Jun 23, 1823, ae 15y
ADAMS, Olivia, wife of Elisha, d Aug 8, 1854, ae 68y
ADAMS, William, son of Abraham and Mary, d Jun 13, 1825, ae 26y
ADAMS, William, son of Job and Sarepta, d Sep 7, 1819, ae 10m
BARTLETT, Mary Benton, d Apr 26, 1812, ae 21y 2m
BARTLETT, Temperance, wife of James, d Apr 13, 1812, ae 52y 11m
BARTON, Joshua, d Sep 28, 1851, ae 85y
BARTON, Doct. Leonard, d Jun 23, 1841, ae 73y 6m 4d
BARTON, Doct. Lewis, d Oct 29, 1813, ae 89y
BARTON, Nelson, d Jul 28, 1852, ae 41y 2m 11d
BARTON, Rachel, wife of Joshua, d Feb 1, 1842, ae 85y
BARTON, Rachel, wife of Doct. Leonard, d Feb 21, 1856, ae 84y 19d
BARTON, Sarah, wife of Doct. Lewis, d Dec 12, 1799, ae 75y
BELL, Cyrinus, gr-son of Mrs. Susanna Jones and son of William Bell Esq. and Rachel, his wife, d Nov 6, 1806, ae 5y
BELL, Mrs. Judia, wife to Major William, d Nov 26, 1796, ae 34y
BELL, Polly, d Nov 30, 1779, ae 5 wks. And,
BELL, Anna, d Aug 28,1788, ae 14 d, And,
BELL, Ebenezer, d Oct 2, 1795, ae 11y. Children of Major William and Mrs. Judia.
BELL, William Jr., son of William Esq. and Judia his wife, d Mar 10, 1812, ae 30y
BENHAM, David, d Oct 5, 1846, ae 81y 2m 5d
BENHAM, John, d Nov 8, 1805, ae 44y
BENHAM, John, d Aug __, 1821, ae 87y
BENHAM, Mabel, wife of David, d Mar 14, 1850, ae 85y 7m 14d
BETTS, Mrs. Margaret, wife of Capt. James, d Mar 4, 1800, ae 65y
BRADFORD, Tryphena, d Jan 3, 1802, ae 24y. And
BRADFORD, Rhoda, d Dec 26, 1801, ae 19y. Daughters of Mr. David and Mrs. Rhoda.
BRADSHAW, Martha, wife of James, d Dec 18, 1821, ae 56
CORNWELL, Abigail, wife of Rev. John, d Frb 20, 1803, ae 73y
CORNWELL, Rev. John, d Mar 18, 1812, ae 74y
CURTISS, Albert K., d Sep 25, 1853, ae 28y
CURTIS, Mrs Anna, wife of John, d Mar 29, 1798, ae 36y
CURTISS, Elizabeth Phillips, wife of Walter W. Curtiss, b Feb 4, 1797, d May 29, 1883
CURTISS, Walter W., d Sep 11, 1847, ae 54y 6m 5d
GALE, Mr. Josiah, d Aug 21, 1809, ae 22y 10d
GALE, Mr. Josiah Esq., d Nov 2, 1799, ae 56y
HOWES, Polly, wife of Edward,d Mar 7, 1863, ae 77y 10m 15d
HUNGER, _____ (broken stone), Geo. P. and M___, d May 14, 1801, ae 8y
JONES, Isaac, d Aug 6, 1844, ae 63y
JONES, Susanna, widow of Mr. Joseph, d Nov 16, 1808, ae 67y
JONES, Tryphenia, wife of Joseph R., d Apr 8, 1845, ae 35y
KINNEY, Anna, relict of Capt. Roswell, d Aug 7, 1827, ae 88y
KINNEY, Prisella, dau of Capt. Roswell and Anna, d Dec, 19, 1796, ae 25y
KINNEY, Capt. Roswell, d Aug 22, 1812, ae 75y
KINNEY, Roswell, d Aug 28, 1821, ae 45y
KINNEY, Tryphena, dau of Capt. Roswell and Anna his wife, d Dec 21, 1808, ae 35y
LORIN, Jerusha K., wife of Daniel, d Aug 23, 1845, ae 57y
MORY, Mary L., wife of Barak, d Sep 18, 1817, ae 22y 3m 16d
MOSHER, Mary, wife of William, d Jul 30, 1856, ae 25y
OSTROM, Lydia, wife of Zebulon, d Apr 28, 1811, ae 18y
PALMER, Benjamin, d Feb 12, 1810, ae 84y
PALMER, Benjamin, d Dec 6, 1804, ae 54y
PALMER, Prudence, wife of Benjamin, d Jul 22, 1816, ae 69y 3m
PITCHER, Edmond, d Oct 27, 1873, ae 30y
PITCHER, Emma F., dau of Edmond and Caroline, d Feb 13, 1864, ae 1y
PITCHER, Sarah Ann, dau of Hiram and Sally Ann, d May 24, 1861, ae 15y 7m 16d
POUCHER, Susannah, wife of Jephter M., d Jul 8, 1847, ae 99y 4m
PRINDLE, Mr. Elijah, d Oct 23, 1802, ae 58y
PRINDLE, John, d Feb 7, 1806, ae 66y
PRINDLE, Susanna, wife of John, d Nov 5, 1813, ae 71y
PUGSLEY, Benjamin, d May 9, 1856, ae 63y
PUGSLEY, Edward, d May 5, 1834, ae 9y
PUGSLEY, Margaret, wife of David, d Aug 22, 1808, ae 33y
PUGSLEY, Maria, d Oct 23, 1836, ae 4y
PUGSLEY, Maria T., d Dec 23, 1868, ae 24y
PUGSLEY, Samuel, d Feb 28, 1874, ae 34y
PUGSLEY, Samuel Edward, d Jan 27, 1795, ae 4m. And
PUGSLEY, Horatio Nelson, d Jul 29, 1809, ae 2y 7m 5d. Sons of Edward and Mary
PULTZ, Andrew M., d Aug 7, 1847, ae 31y
QUARTERS, Alfred, d Aug 17, 1837, ae 18y 5m
RUST, Sally, dau of Levi and Rebecca, d Jul 24, 1821, ae 26y 10m 26d
SHERMAN, Phebe, wife of M. B., d Dec 25, 1845, ae 45y 10m 17d
SKINNER, Rosabiller, wife of Daniel, d Feb 15, 1827, ae 60y
THORN, Catherine, dau of Christopher and Mary, d Jan 3, 1885, ae 88y
TOBEY, Albert, d Oct 16, 1875, ae 74y 10m 15d
TOBEY, Emily, wife of Albert, d Oct 16, 1871, ae 66y 7m 10d
TRIPP, Howard, d Sep 1, 1844, ae 57y
WHEELER, Timothy, d Oct 7, 1806, ae 75y
WILLIAMS, Mr. Thomas, d Apr 3, 1799, ae about 60y

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