Interments in the Square Burying Grounds

Burying Grounds of Sharon, Connecticut, Amenia and North East, New York (1903).


BOCKEE, Abraham Esq., d Jan 22, 1776, ae 59y
BOCKEE, Abraham, d Jun 1, 1865, ae 81
BOCKEE, Carrie Humphrey, dau of Isaac and Sarah Starr, d Oct 3, 1857, ae 8m
BOCKEE, Catharine, wife of Jacob, d Sep 20, 1826, ae 65y 3m 27d
BOCKEE, Catharine E., dau of Oakley and Sarah, d Jun 15, 1844, ae 1y 11m
BOCKEE, Isaac Smith, 1825 - 1896
BOCKEE, Jacob, d Oct 19, 1819, ae 62y
BOCKEE, Jacob, d Nov 24, 1810, ae 22y 12d
BOCKEE, Maria, wife of Abraham Esq., d Jan 28, 1776, ae 61y 6m 24d
BOCKEE, Margaret P., d Feb 22, 1853
BOCKEE, Martha Oakley, wife of Abraham Bockee, d Feb 6, 1866, ae 75
BOCKEE, Oakley, d Mar 23, 1844, ae 25y 2d
BOCKEE, Philip Platt, d Mar 23, 1812, ae 17y 11m 5d
BOCKEE, Sarah Robins Starr, wife of Isaac Smith Bockee, 1826 - 1900
BOCKEE, Shoenise, son of Abraham and Martha, d Aug 13, 1825
BRINKERHOFF, Margaret Platt, wife of Stephen I. Brinkerhoff and dau of Isaac and Phebe Smith, d Mar 18, 1818, ae 17y 11m 13d
FLINT, Catherine J., wife of Augustus Flint and dau of Abraham and Martha Bockee, d Apr 9, 1843, ae 32y
LEWIS, Daniel, d Nov 5, 1845, ae 75y
LEWIS, Jonathan G., d Feb 11, 1811, ae 35y 1m 12d
LEWIS, Ruth, widow of Daniel, d Apr 6, 1854, ae 76y 3m 9d
LEWIS, Susan M., d May 25, 1855, ae 49y 5m 16d
MILLER, Margaret, wife of John, d Oct 8, 1792, ae 25y 6m 23d
MITCHELL, Freelove, wife of Uriah, d May 7, 1827, ae 75y 3m 10d
SMITH, Daniel Lewis, son of Isaac and Phebe, d Mar 28, 1800, ae 1y 10m 20d
SMITH, Isaac Esq., d May 29, 1795, ae 72y 8m 20d
SMITH, Isaac, b Dec 15, 1815, d Mar 26, 1858
SMITH, Margaret, wife of Isaac Esq., d Aug 10, 1791, ae 62y 11m 25d
SMITH, Phebe, relict of Isaac, b Oct 11, 1777, d Dec 16, 1853
SMITH, Phebe, dau of Isaac and Phebe, d Jan 6, 1832, ae 24y
SMITH, Platt, d Nov 4, 1798, ae 44y 5m 28d
TALLMADGE, Louisa, dau of Nathaniel and Abbey L., d Aug 6, 1830, ae 13m
THORNE, Hannah, widow of Gilbert, d Sep 18, 1856, ae 75y
WHEATON, Homer, b Dec 13, 1814, d Nov 12, 1894
WHEATON, Isaac Smith, son of Homer and Louisa S., d Nov 5, 1831, d Nov 19, 1872
WHEATON, Louisa Smith, wife of Homer Wheaton, b Mar 29, 1805, d May 21, 1863


ALLING, Mr. Asa, d Apr 12, 1812, ae 61y
ALLING, Asa Esq., d Dec 25, 1864, ae 75y
ALLING, Cornelia, wife of Asa, d Feb 2, 1826, ae 33y
ALLING, Mary, wife of Asa, d May 11, 1867, ae 69y
ALLING, Mrs. Jemima, widow of Mr. Asa, d Apr 20, 1812, ae 64y
AMBURGH, Mrs. Jemima V., d Apr 21, 1766, ae 27y
BARNUM, Clarinda, wife of Eli, b Feb 9, 1797, d Jun 6, 1846
BARTON, Sarah, wife of Dr. Leonard Barton and dau of Mr. Asa Thompson, d Oct 10, 1789, ae 21y
BEEBE, Almyra, wife of Ogden, d Sep 4, 1824, ae 25y
BROWNE, Eunice, wife of Jacob S., b Aug 6, 1794, d Aug 12, 1832
CHAMBERLAIN, Mary K., b Nov 22, 1841, d Oct 18, 1875
CURTIS, Abbey, d Oct 10, 1861, ae 80y
CURTIS, Betsey, d Oct 1, 1860, ae about 84y
CURTIS, Mr. Hezekiah, d Mar 15, 1792, ae 57y
CURTISS, Dea. Joseph, d of small pox, Mar 10, 1785, ae 73y
CURTIS, Mrs. Lydia, widow of Mr. Hezekiah, d Jul 3, 1804, ae 69y
DOUGHTY, Thedore, son of David and Eliza, d Oct 25, 1810, ae 3y 10m 6d
GARNSEY, Eunice, dau of Ezekiel H., d May 11, 1806, ae 9m 11d
GARNSEY, Eunise, wife of Peter Esq., d Sep 28, 1825, ae 86y
GARNSEY, Peter Esq., d Nov 24, 1738, d Apr 15, 1812, in his 74th year
GORTON, Charlotte, wife of Joseph, d Oct 12, 1843, ae 65y 9m 4d
GORTON, Jane E., d Jul 8, 1839, ae 11y 5m 9d. And
GORTON, Sarah D., d Jul 8, 1839, ae 8y 4d. And
GORTON, Ethan J., d Jul 9, 1839, ae 6y 9d. And
GORTON, J., d Jun 22, 1840, ae 1m. And
GORTON, Sarah Jane, d Oct 22, 1842, ae 1y 6m. Children of Ethan and Mary
GORTON, Joseph, d Dec 11, 1849, ae 76y 9m 7d
HAIGHT, Diantha, wife of Samuel Haight and dau of Isaac Thompson, d Dec 6, 1812, ae 21y
HERRICK, Emma, dau of Conklin and Sally, d Jun 5, 1835, ae 29y
HERRICK, Sarah Thompson, wife of Conklin Herrick, b Mar 22, 1788, d Jan 4, 1827
HOLLISTER, Anna, wife of Dea. Asa, d Apr 26, 1786, ae 25y
HOOD, Maggie T. Chamberlain, wife of Edward V. Hood, May 30, 1863 - Jan 1, 1899
KELLY, Jeremiah, d Dec 31, 1823, ae 28y
MILLER, Abby, dau of Gurdon and Sally, d Mar 4, 1799, ae 14y 7m 12d
PARKS, Joel, d Sep 4, 1800, ae 25y
PARKS, Mrs. Lydia, widow of Mr. Nathaniel, d Sep 27, 1798, ae 54y
SACKETT, Joel, d Jan 10, 1773, ae 22y
SEGNE, Samuel, d Aug 13, 1844, ae 61y 4m 6d
SIGNES, Sarah, wife of Samuel, d. Jun 14, 1822, ae 35y 2m
SMITH, Cynthia, relict of Daniel, d Sep 27, 1844, ae 65y
SUTHERLAND, Ann, wife of David, d Sep 8, 1777, ae 20y
TALLMADGE, Mr. Enos, d Oct 20, 1763, ae 59y
TALLMADGE, Mrs. Nisa, widow of Enos, d Nov 14, 1819, ae 31y
TALLMADGE, Thankful, dau of Enos, d Feb 8, 1770, ae 18y
TALLMADGE, Mrs. Thankful, widow of Mr. Enos, d Nov 11, 1798, ae 85y
TEATOR, Caroline, wife of Peter P., d Nov 21, 1814, ae 36y 5m 15d
TEATOR, Peter P., d Sep 11, 1856, ae 56y
THOMPSON, Abiah, dau to Enos and Sarah, d Mar 13, 1763
THOMPSON, Allen, b Aug 10, 1783, d May 20, 1849
THOMPSON, Allen, son of Asa and Mary, d Sep 13, 1775, ae 19y
THOMPSON, Mr. Amos, son of Mr. Asa and Mrs. Mary, d Aug 18, 1787, ae 24y
THOMPSON, Amos Esq., d Sep 28, 1795, ae 94y
THOMPSON, Amos, d Sep 3, 1799, d Dec 29, 1811
THOMPSON, Ann, widow of Morris, d Sep 15, 1844, ae 42y
THOMPSON, Ann Akin Vanderburgh, wife of John Thompson, May 17, 1813 - Dec 19, 1889
THOMPSON, Anna, relict of Dea. Seth, d Jul 23, 1851, ae 74y
THOMPSON, Mr. Asa, d Apr 12, 1777, ae 43y
THOMPSON, Caleb, d Jan 12, 1823, ae 91y
THOMPSON, Cornelius, son of Capt. Allen and Eliza, d Dec 18, 1814, ae 3y 11m 29d
THOMPSON, Dorothy, widow of Caleb, d Dec 21, 1824, ae 80y
THOMPSON, Ebenezer D., son of Egbert and Catharine, d Mar 8, 1815, ae 3y 7m 19d
THOMPSON, Eliza Pugsley, widow of Allen Thompson, d ___ 29, 1861, ae 73y
THOMPSON, Elizabeth, dau of Allen and Eliza, d Nov 15, 1831, ae 14y 1m 5d
THOMPSON, Elizabeth D., dau of Samuel S. and Rozett, d Nov 18, 1851, ae 15y 8m 6d
THOMPSON, Enos, son to Enos and Sarah, d Jul 17, 1764, ae 17y
THOMPSON, ?, a son to Enos and Sarah, b and d Mar, 1759
THOMPSON, Esther, wife Of Samuel, d Aug 18, 1776, ae 81y
THOMPSON, Ethalinda, wife of Isaac, d Feb 19, 1813, ae 33y
THOMPSON, Ezra, d Nov 6, 1816, ae 78y
THOMPSON, George L., d Oct 27, 1876, ae 64y 5m 24d
THOMPSON, Hannah, wife or Uriah, d Feb 5, 1833, ae 31y 2m 12d
THOMPSON, Isaac, d Nov 18, 1851, ae 81y
THOMPSON, Jane E., b Dec 16, 1801, d Nov 12, 1882
THOMPSON, Joan Catharine, dau of Egbert and Catharine, d May 14, 1810, ae 3y 10m 20d
THOMPSON, John, b Jun 12, 1760, d May 28, 1813
THOMPSON, John, son of Asa and Mary, d Apr 7, 1759, ae 7m 8d
THOMPSON, John, b Jan 16, 1805, d Feb 20, 1874
THOMPSON, Judah B., d Jun 2, 1860, ae 52y
THOMPSON, William H., d Mar 29, 1832, ae 9y 2m 27d. And
THOMPSON, Merwin, d Sep 18, 1828, ae 1y 2d. And
THOMPSON, Samuel, d Sep 28, 1819, ae 1y 5m 13d. And
THOMPSON, Miller N., d Jan 31, 1811, ae 6m 22d. And
THOMPSON, Nathan, d Feb 27, 1825, ae 4m 23d. And
THOMPSON, Lois D., d May 16, 1825, ae 1y 3m 21d. Children of Leonard and Sally
THOMPSON, Lewis D., d Mar 3, 1850, ae 35y 3m 2d
THOMPSON, Lydia, wife of Caleb, d Aug 15, 1782, ae 49y
THOMPSON, Mary, b Feb 9, 1790, d Aug 10, 1792
THOMPSON, Mary D., wife of Isaac, d May 6, 1842, ae 71y 23d
THOMPSON, Mary Knapp, wife of John Thompson, b Jul 22, 1763, d Aug 2, 1842
THOMPSON, Mary S., d Jun 29, 1792, d Jan 18, 1859
THOMPSON, Moris, d Sep 10, 1844, ae 41y
THOMPSON, Rachel, wife of Ezra, d Mar 5, 1804, ae 62y
THOMPSON, Rhoda, dau of Caleb and Doratha, d Mar 31, 1802, ae 16y
THOMPSON, Sally Ann, dau of Seth and Anna, d Apr 7, 1818, ae 2y 3m
THOMPSON, Mr. Samuel, d Jan 17, 1768, ae 79y
THOMPSON, Sarah, wife of Amos Esq., d Aug 3, 1787, ae 86y
THOMPSON, Sarah Ann, dau of Samuel S. and Rozett, d Apr 11, 1839, ae 17m 25d
THOMPSON, Sarah Ann, dau of Samuel S. and Rozett, d Dec 9, 1851, ae 1y 10m 5d
THOMPSON, Dea. Seth, d Sep 6, 1843, ae 69y
THOMPSON, Slee, son to Isaac and Ethelinda, d Apr 25, 1806, ae 14m
THOMPSON, Tamma, b Jun 20, 1786, d Nov 9, 1831
TODD, Mrs. Rachel, widow of Eli Todd Esq., New Milford, Conn. and dau of Ezra and Rachel Thompson, b Jun 27, 1773, d Jan 2, 1849
WATERS, Eunice, wife of John, d Apr 12, 1808, ae 40y 10m 14d
WELLING, Caroline, dau of Elisha and Anna, d Sep 8, 1829, ae 9m
WHEELER, Louisa B., dau of George and Eliza, d Jan 23, 1855, ae 2y 7m 21d

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