CLASSIFICATION: Community ground.
LOCATION: Half way between South Amenia and Wassaic, on a hillside above the steel works.
CONDITION: Entirely neglected.
INSCRIPTIONS: 26 in number. Copied by L. Van Alstyne of Sharon, Conn., See page 126 of Burying Grounds of Sharon, Conn., Amenia and North East, New York, printed 1903.
REMARKS: Richard Sackett, the earliest settler of Amenia, who died in 1746, was buried in this enclosure but the stone at his grave has disappeared.

ALLEN, John, son of Moses and Hannah, d Aug 24, 1772, ae 3m
ALLEN, Martha, wife of Amos, d Mar 18, 1770
BARKER, Justus, son of Justus and Mary, d Nov 6, 1813, ae 5y
BARLOW, Mrs. Elizabeth, wife of Mr. Peleg, d May __, 1759, ae 69y
BARLOW, Mr. Peleg, d Oct __, 1759, ae 67y
BARLOW, Sarah, dau of Moses and Sarah, d Jan 19, 1773, in her 6th year
CASTLE, Daniel Esq., d Jun 7, 1777
CASTLE, Elizabeth, wife of Daniel Esq., d Apr 28,1804, in her 85th year
CASTLE, Gideon, son of Gideon and Abigail, d Apr 26, 1814, ae 40y
CASTLE, Joseph, d Jun 29, 1816, ae 33y 5m 2d
CASTLE, Richard, son of Gideon and Abigail, d Jun 18, 1804,in his 14th year
CHASE, Mr. Benjamin, d Nov 23, 1772, ae 31y
CHASE, Rebekah, dau of Solomon and Rebekah, d Aug 13, 1772, ae 3y 4m
COONLY, Wilson, d Nov 28, 1846, ae 38y
In memory of Mr. Joseph GILLET. He d Jul 29, 1756, ae 61y (The oldest stone found there)
HAIGHT, Miranda, wife of Elijah, d Mar 25, ___ (broken)
HURD, Jedediah, d Oct 9, 1792, in his 79th year
JONES, Silas, d Dec 27, 1786, in his 60th year
JUDSON, Samuel, d Apr 13, 1777, in his 50th year
REED, Lodema, dau of Ezra and Sarah, d Feb 18, 1780, ae 5y
ROBERTS, Amos Shepard, ae 10y 9m 3d , and,
ROBERTS, Timothy, ae 8y 9m 21d , both sons of Zalmon and Betsey were drowned within sight of this place Jul 24, 1825
WARREN, Mr. David, son of Mr. Stephen and Mrs. Joanna, d Sep 8, 1789, ae 25y
WARREN, Miss (or Mrs.) Joanna, dau of Stephen (stone broken, name supposed to be WARREN)
WEBB, Daniel, d Jun 8, 1817, ae 74y
WEBB, Mansfield, d Dec 21, 1813, ae 26y

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