Interments in three Unnamed Burying Grounds in Beekman

"Old Gravestones of Dutchess County, New York" by J. W. Poucher published in 1924, pages 10-11.

Note: Some of Poucher's listings have been found to be inaccurate, so use these with caution. If you find any inaccuracies in this listing please send them to me so that I may correct them. Lynn Brandvold  Thanks.


CLASSIFICATION: Family ground.
LOCATION: In an orchard at the rear of the old hotel at Beekmanville.
CONDITION: Very dirty and unkempt.*See note below.
INSCRIPTIONS: 3 in number. Copied October 31, 1915, by J. W. Poucher, M. D.
REMARKS: De Long is one of the earliest names connected with the settlement of Beckman. Isaac Dennis came from New Jersey to Beckman prior to the War of the Revolution. His wife was a native of Westchester County, N. Y. There were other burials here, but no more stones remain.

*This was the condition in 1915. Today (2002) the burying grounds are maintained in good condition by the owners of the old hotel.

1. Delong, Area, d. 1798, Jan. 20, in 79th y.
2. Dennis, Isaac, d. 1790, May 3, a. 46 y. 9 m.
3. Dennis, Tamar Brundage, w. of Isaac, d. 1827, June 29, in 82d y.


CLASSIFICATION: Family ground.
LOCATION: On the farm of Thomas Brill at Poughquag.
CONDITION: On the top of a high and steep knoll, near a water-tank. The knoll is part of a pasture and the grass is closely cropped.
INSCRIPTIONS: 1 in number. Copied November 10, 1923, by Miss Margaret DeM. Brown
and Miss Achsah Brill.
REMARKS: The one stone on this hill-top lies flat and is partly covered by turf. Within recent years there was a second stone, visible near by, a fact which suggests that originally there may have been a group.

1. Sickler, Mary, w. of Peter, d. 1827, Jan. 10, in 56th y.


CLASSIFICATION: Family ground.
LOCATION: On the top of the high hill in the field on the south side of the
highway at Gardner Hollow.
CONDITION: A rough open field.
INSCRIPTIONS: 1 in number. Copied November 10, 1923, by J. Wilson Poucher M. D., and Miss Margaret DeM. Brown.
REMARKS: Within a few years there was a small group of locust trees on this hill-top and, in between the tree., two headstones. Some of the trees now remain and one field-stone. The face of the stone is scaled and broken. The inscription is clear but perhaps on a second surface.

1. S-------, "M. S. 1805."


LOCATION: A stone's throw northwest of the dwelling house of Charles Ferris a half-mile north of Gardner Hollow on the road to Verbank.
CONDITION: Overgrown.
INSCRIPTIONS: 25 in number. Copied November 10, 1923, by J. Wilson Poucher, M. D., Miss Violet Barbour, Miss Margaret DeM. Brown, Miss Caroline Ferris and Miss Helen W. Reynolds.
REMARKS: This is a large walled enclosure, containing many unmarked field-stones beside the marked stones listed below. Through the enclosure runs a property-line (indicated by cobbles). North of this line the property owner has removed headstones from the enclosure and used them in fences, horse-block, etc. South of the line the owner is Mrs. Amos D. Baker. Mrs. Baker has a tradition that this burial-ground belonged originally to a Lutheran Church, and she states that her father (John Williams, born 1803) attended services in the building in his boyhood, the building being torn down approximately 1815-1820. The several histories of Dutchess County make no mention of a Lutheran Church in Beckman but at page 233 of liber 2 of deeds in the office of the County Clerk is recorded a deed, dated September 10, 1749, whereby Colonel Henry Beckman made a gift of site, church building and burial-ground at this very spot for a Lutheran congregation. Further information about this congregation might possibly be gleaned from records of the Lutherans in New York City.

1. A-----, "E. A."
2. C-----, "A. D. C."
3. Crous, Adam, d. 1831, Aug. 19, a. 36-7-12.
4. Crous, Daniel, d. 1824, May 28, a. 64 y. 11 m.
5. Crous, Mary, d. 1818, May 12, a. 70 y.
6. Eighmie, George, d. 1850, Dec. 2.
7. Eighmie, Harriet, dau. of Morgan & Harriet, d. 1852, Feb. 3, a 2 y.
8. Eighmie, Mary Eliza, inf. dau. of Jeremiah & Mary Ann.
9. Eighmie, Mary Amelia, dau. of Jeremiah & Mary Ann, d. 1849, Sep. 2, a. 3-5-14.
10. Eighmie, Mary Ann, w. of Jeremiah, d. 1849, May 31, a. 29-11-10.
11. Eighmie, Naomi Jane, ,1au. of Jeremiah & Mary Ann, d. 1851, Apr. 25, a. 2 y.
12. Eighmie, Otis, s. of Jeremiah & Mary Ann, d. 1849, May 8, a. 4 y. 11 d.
18. Eighmie, Philip, d. 1852, Aug. 25, a. 73-3-12.
14. Eighmie, Willie, s. of Morgan & Harriet, d. 1862, July 8, a. 2 y.
15. Eighmie, inf. dau. of George & Martha H., d. 1849, May 15.
16. Emigh, Jane Ann, dau. of Philip & Margaret, d. 1848, Jan. 12, a. 32-2-2.
17. Emigh, John, s. of Philip & Margaret, d. 1822, Oct. 11, a. 11 m.
18. Emigh, John J., s. of Jane Ann, d. 1848, Jan. 6, a. 9-4-18.
19. F-----, "E. F."
20. Lossing, Elizabeth, w. of Henry, d. 1826, May 11, a. 69-2-23.
21. L-----, ''H. L.''
22. Odell, Esther, w. of John, d. 1849, Feb. 12, a. 83 y. 2m.
23. Odell, John, d. 1853, Jan. 20, a. 91 y.
24. Odell, Peter, d. 1852, Dec. 26, a. 51-2-1.
25. Potts. "Pigott Potts aged 30 years 1747"
(Note: There is an undecipherable cutting, following the date, 1747, and on the same line).

Transcribed and submitted by Liz DuBois

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