"Old Gravestones of Dutchess County, New York" by J. W. Poucher published in 1924, pages 233-234.

Note: Some of Poucher's listings have been found to be inaccurate, so use these with caution.

CLASSIFICATION: Family ground.
LOCATION: Three miles south of Poughkeepsie, on the farm of Edward E. Perkins on the west side of the Post Road at Specken Kil.
CONDITION: Badly overgrown and partly ploughed up; stones fallen and broken.
INSCRIPTIONS: 20 in number. Copied October 22, 1900 (in part), by Miss
Katherine I. Arnold and Miss Helen W. Reynolds; on July 30, 1911 (in part), by J. W. Poucher, M. D., and Miss Helen W. Reynolds; and on December 3, 1911, by Dr. Poucher.
REMARKS: Van Benschoten ground. Elias Van Benschoten bought land in this neighborhood in 1712 which was occupied by his family for several generations. "The Van Benschoten Family," by W. II. Van Hesschntsn, refers to this ground as "the family burial knoll." It also states that the Van Benschotens early had a burial place within the present city of Poughkeepsie, but that all traces of the same have disappeared and its exact location is not known.

1. Akerly, "two infant daughters of Lemuel & Elethere," d. 1820, Sep.10, & Sep. 11.
2. Flagler, Catherine, wid. of Peter, & former wid. of Samuel Myers, d, 1828, Feb. 27, a. 66-5-25.
3. Freer, Catharine, w. of Simeon, d. 1809, July 20, a. 86 y. 16 d.
4. Huffman, Charles, d. 1808, Apr. 14, in 81st y.
5. Huffman, Charles C., d. 1617, Oct.11, in 49th y.
6. Hoffman, Daniel C., d. 1837, Mar. 19, a. 62 y. 5 m.
7. Huffman, Elizabeth, w. of Charles, d. 1805, June 15, a. 71 y.
8. Hoffman, (Sinai) Leroy, w. of Daniel C., d. 1846, Nov. 26, a. 68 y. 2 m.
9. Jackson, Rebecca Maria, dau. of Josiah & Frances, d. 1837, Dec.26, a. 10 y.
10. Lawson, Esther Ann, dau. of Matthew & Ann, d. 1830, May 1, a. 1-10-2.
11. Lawson, Margaret, w. of Thomas P., d. 1841, Dec. 12, a. 50-8-8.
12. Lawson, Matthew, d. 1812, Sep. 17, a. 56-2-29.
13. Myers, Elias, s. of Samuel, d. 1805, Sep. 1, a. 19 y. 9 m.
14. Myers, Samuel, s. of Samuel, d. 1799, May 29, a. 17-8-12.
15. Myers, Samuel, d. 1816, May 4, a, 54-4-9.
16. Myers, Samuel S., d. 1809, July 2, a. 17 y. 6 m.
17. Myers, Sarah, dau. of Samuel, d. 1604, Oct. 16, a. 9-9-8.
18. (Terwilliger?) , Jane, w. of Henry, d. 1627, Oct. 13, in 23d y.
19. Van Bunschoten, Sarah, w. of Tunis E., d. 1809, June 8, a. 22-6-19.
20. Vanderburgh, Ann, w. of Henry, d. 1827, Oct. 13, in 23d y.

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