Samuel Edgar Vantine 
and Ann Elizabeth Cobb

Holy Bible containing the Old and New Testaments: published at New York: American Bible Society; 1850. In the possession of Carol Van Tine Yocom, 10/23/98.

Samuel Vantine and Ann Elisabeth Cobb were married in New York Oct 18th 1842. 

S. Edgar Van Tine and Ada L. Ottman were married in Titusville, Pa. Dec. 29th 1870. 

Albert C. Van Tine and Adelaide Williams were married in Morrisania, N.Y. Oct. 8th 1884. 

Maurice E. Burnton and Ellen Mary Van Tine were married in Morrisania, N.Y. Nov. 5th 1884. 

Charles R. Innes and Lilian S. Van Tine were married in Morrisania N.Y. April 25th 1888. 

Marriage listed under Births
Walter Wm Princep and Frances L. Van Tine were married 6th day Feb 1889 by Rev. James Morton in Harlem N.Y. 14 East 129 St.

Samuel Edgar Vantine was Born in New York Sept 20th 1843. 

Frances Louisa Vantine was Borne in New York March 24 184[6]. 

Wm Dayton Vantine was Borne in Lagrange Dutchess Co. New York Oct 7 1847. 

Eben Henry Vantine was borne in Legrange Dutchess Co. New York Oct 6 1849. 

Alice Ardel Vantine was Borne in New York January 11th 1852. 

Ellen Mary Vantine was Borne in Brooklyn New York Oct 28 1853. 

Ann Elisabeth Vantine was borne at Tremont in the toun [sic] of West Farms, Westchester County N. York September Seventh (1856) Eighteen hundred and fifty Six. 

Albert Chesebro Vantine, was born at Tremont in the Toun [sic] of West Farms Westchester Co NY February 12th 1859. 

Lillian Stanton Vantine was Born at Tremont in the Toun [sic] of West Farms Westchester Co NY May the (13th) Thirteenth in the Year of our Lord One thousand Eight Hundred and Sixty four.

William Dayton Vantine died in the Toun [sic] of Lagrange Dutchess Co NY June 1848 and was buried at Matteawan D Co. 

Eben Burger [sic] Vantine died in the City of New York April 1850 and was buried at Matteawan. 

Samuel Van Tine died Nov. 16th 1871 at Morrisania N.Y. and was buried at Matteawan Dutchess Co. N.Y. 

Alice Ardel Van Tine died Jan. 26, 1882 at Morrisania N.Y. and was buried at Matteawan, Dutchess Co. N.Y. 

Ann Elizabeth Van Tine died May, 19, 1894, at 14 East 129th St. N.Y. and was buried at Matteawan Dutchess Co. N. York.

Deaths - continued
Samuel Edgar Van Tine died March 17th 1916 at Bradford, Penn and was buried at Beacon (Matteawan) Sunday March 19th. 

Lilian [sic] Stanton Innes died July 19th 1922 and was buried at Beacon New York-July 22nd. 

Frances Louisa Princep died Jan. 21. 1924 and was buried at Beacon N.Y. Jan. 24. 1924. 

Ellen Mary Burnton died Nov. 26, 1941 - buried at Woodlawn, N.Y. 

Ann Elisabeth Van Tine died Dec. 29, 1942 and was buried at Beacon, N.Y. Dec. 31, 1942.



Family History

Written between 1895 and 1902 by an unknown person; currently in the possession of Sharon Van Tyne, Richardson, Texas, 11/15/98.
Front Inside Cover - two clippings: one a funeral notice for Charles Van Tine and the other an obituary.

Charles Van Tine born April 18, 1843 died March 23, 1918

Funeral services at the Episcopal church, Wednesday, March 27, 1918, at 2:00 p. m., conducted by the Dr. Edw. C. Johnson.

Chester Van Tine

Chester Van Tine, 86, of 2221 Kenilworth, died Sunday in a Topeka hospital. He was born September 13, 1872, in Dutchess County, N.Y., and had lived in Kansas since 1878. He was a farmer and stockman in Ottawa County before moving to Topeka in 1931. He was a member of the Presbyterian Church.

He is survived by a son, Darrel C. Van Tine, of the home; a brother, Arthur Van Tine, San Bonito, Texas; two grandchildren and two great-grandchildren. Funeral services will be at 10 a.m. Tuesday at the Davidson-Eslinger-Duff Chapel with ----[cut off on photocopy].

Everardus Bogardus came from Holl[torn]

His son Cornelius Bogardus born [torn]

" " Cornelius Bogardus " 16[torn]

" " Cornelius Bogardus " 169[torn]

" daughter Mollie Bogardus " April 12th 172[torn]

Her son Cornelius Vantyne born Dec. 25th 1747

His son John Vantine " Feb. 7th 1787

" " Cornelius Van Tine " Jan. 27th 1815

Everardus Bogardus the first clergyman of Manhattan came from Holland in the spring of 1633.

1637 he married Anneke Jans widow of R[ ] Jans by whom he had four children. Anneke Jans was the owner of Kings farms so called afterwards the property of Trinity Church.

1647 August 16th Domine Bogardus embarked for Holland in the ship Princess. She was wrecked September the 27th on the rugged coast of Wales. About eighty - including Bogardus were drowned. Of all on board only twenty were saved.

Everardus & Anneke Jans children -

William born 1638 married Wyntie Sybrand had three children

Joah or John never married

Cornelius baptized 1640 married Helena Teller and died in 1666 leaving a son

Cornelius born 1664

After her husbands death Helena Teller Bogardus married Francis Rombout - in 1683 and was the mother of Madam Brett.

Cornelius Bogardus and Helena Teller's son Cornelius married Rachel De Witt of Kingston. She died 1745.

They had two children
Cornelius baptized 1698
Catharine " 1703 married Dr. Dutc[not clear]

Cornelius Bogardus married Catharine Toiter. She was born in 1701.

They were married December 23rd 1722

The following is a record found in a Bible now in possession of the Benedick family in Carmine Street - New York City (1895)

The Bible belonged to Cornelius Bogardus and bears the date of 1637.

From this Bogardus we trace our descent -

In the year 1722 I was married on 23rd December
1723 my daughter Mollie is born the 12th of April
1724 is born my daughter - Rac -(perhaps Rachel)
1726 is born my son Cornelius
1728 is born my son Joah (John)
1729 is born my son Robert - died in infancy
1731 is born my son Francis
1733 is born my second son Robert
1735 is born my daughter Catharine

1737 is born my daughter Helena
1738 is born my son Lowyes
1740 is born my son Mattewis
1743 is born my daughter Jenneke
1745 Our Mother Ragel Bogardus fell asleep in the Lord
Record showing who the children of Cornelius and Catharine Bogardus married


1723 Mollie married to Isaac Vantyne Oct 31st 1742
1724 Rachel married to Thorn Pudney
1726 Cornelius Died 1794
1728 Jean or John
1729 Robert - died in infancy
1731 Francis married to Marrian Losse 1762
He died in 1815. She was born 1743, died in 1806.

1733 Robert -2nd married to Catherine Phillips 1758
1735 Catharine married to John Wilson 1756
1737 Helen married to Isaac Lawson 1768
1738 Louis married to Ann Miller 1762
1740 Matthew married Abigail [T/F]urgerson 1763
Died 1831

1743 Jenike married to Eli Pierson

Cornelius Bogardus & Catharine Toitor Bogardus' eldest child Mollie

married Isaac Vantyne October 31st 1742.

Their marriage is recorded in the old Fishkill Village Church which was established in 1716 also the baptism of nearly all their children

Fishkill Village Dutchess Co. New York.

The following is a copy of a page of an old Bible torn or worn out; the record was kept by Isaac Vantyne himself and he probably once owned the Bible.

1744 is geboren myne dochtors Mollie, Catherine
1746 is geboren myne dochtor Rachel
1747 is born my son Cornelis Vantyne
... ..0 is born my son Johannis
.. .52 is born my son Isaac

...54 is born my son Abraham
...56 is born my son Francis
...57 is born my son Robert
....8 March is geboren Maria Vantyne myne dochter.
...... April is geboren myne dochter Elisabet
...... August de last week is geboren myn Dochter Marg (probably Margarita) whose baptism is recorded in Fishkill Village in 1764.
Helena Teller daughter of William Teller an Albany fur trader married Cornelius Bogardus. He died in 1666 leaving a son Cornelius born in 1664.

Helena Teller's second husband was Francis Rombout - who was of French extraction and came to New Amsterdam in 1654. They left but one child Catharina to whom passed all his interest in the great patent above the Highlands New York at the time of her father's death 1690.

After her father's death Catharina married Roger Brett. He was an Englishman and a man much her senior.

Roger Brett & Catharina Rombout (Madam Brett) children were

Francis married Margaret Van Wyck.
Robert -
[Rivesy] died at the age of seventeen.

Francis Brett and Margaret Van Wyck had eight children

1st Cornelius baptized 1741 married Rachel Van Tine daughter of Isaac Van Tine and Molle Bogardus.
2nd Rombout married Sarah Somendyke
3rd George married Maria Cooper
4th D[orius] married Polly Wiltse
5th Phoebe married Thomas Arden
6th Hannah married Henry Schenck
7th Margaret married Peter A. Schenck
8th Catherine she did not marry.

Isaac Vantyne and Molle Bogardus Van Tine's children

October 16th 1744 daughters Molle, Catherine

1746 Rachel 

She was baptized in Fishkill Village Feb. 22nd 1746 and married Cornelius Brett son of Francis and Margaret Van Wyck Brett.

Our grand-mother, Frances Phillips Van Tine remembered her well, and spoke of her as a very haughty person. She lived to be very old. Grandmother thought she was nearly one hundred when she died; I think grand-mother said she had six children.

December 25th 1747

He was a very quiet man, kind hearted and much loved so my grand-mother said. He is buried in the old Newlin yard at Tironda.

According to the New York State Archives volume no. 1 Cornelius served in the militia in 1778, 2nd Reg't. Dutchess County.

Col. Dirck Brinkerhoff.
Cap't Isaac Van Wyck's company.

Poor health prevented him from serving with his brothers, John Isaac Francis and Robert in the Continental Army. The soldiers came for him in the night, made him get up and dress and marched him to a place near Peekskill. N.Y. where he was confined for a short time, then released on account of his health. During the war at the least sign

or alarm, people flocked to the mountains for safety.

In the winter of 1779-80 there was great destitution in the army, and it grew so cold for the soldiers encamped in the mountains, that they were lodged among the different families living near by. Cornelius and his wife had four solders to keep that winter. Their daughter Betsey was a babe at that time and the soldiers made a great pet of her. Cornelius Van Tine married Nellie Ames she was from the east. probably Rhode Island. She lived to be 72 years of age and had consumption for years.

Nellie Ames was an episcopalian

Cornelius and Nellie were buried in the Newlin burying ground at Tironda Dutchess County New York.

January 24th 1756 

Grand-mother never saw Johannis nor Francis. (John and Franc she called them.) She said after the Revolutionary war they followed the sea and one of them they knew was taken by pirates.

In the first volume of the New York State Archives there are two John Van Tines recorded as following in Continental Army

John Van Tine, Private 5th Regt. N.Y. Line Col. Lewis Du Bois Capt. Henry Goodwins Co. Jan 5th 1777 to July 1777.

John Van Tine, Private - 1st Regt - N.Y. Line, Capt. Jos' McCracken's Co. Feb 1st 1777 to Oct. 2nd 1777.

May 7th 1752 

In volume no. 1 New York State Archive, Isaac is recorded as being a private in the Continental Army. 

5th Reg't N.Y. Line
Col. Lewis Du Bois 
Capt Thos Lee's Company.
March 15th 1778 to May 15th 178[1]

But we know he was in the army for a much longer time, for grand-mother said he was with Montgomery in his unsuccessful attack on Quebeck on the last day of the year 1775. He stood near Mongtomery when he fell, saw him slide down the hill on the snow into a bush. Isaac Van Tine married a Miss Teller. She was older then he. He out-lived her many years and boarded

with grand-mother until her family grew so large she could not accommodate him. Afterwards he boarded and died in Fishkill Landing (corner of Main Street and North Avenue, now the Redman house) Grand-mother thought he was buried in the old Newlin yard at Tironda. He had no children.

He drew a pension for his service in the Revolution.

He was a talkative man and his anecdotes of the Revolution were very entertaining even as retold by grand-ma to us children.

Nov. 10th 1754

Served in Militia Dutchess 2nd Reg't Dutchess Co. Col. Dirck Brinkerhoff Cap't Isaac Van Wyck's Co. 1778

Either the same or another Abraham Van Tine served in the Militia in the 

6th Reg't Albany County
Col Stephen I Shuyler
Cap't Tillman's Company.
Oct 29th to November 6th 177[7]

December 27th 1756

Corporal in the Continental Army.
5th Reg't. New York Line 
Col. Lewis Du Bois
Cap't. Thos Lee's Company
Jan 1st 1777 to Jan 1st 1780.

Grand-mother said he went to sea after the war.

October 13th 1757

His baptism is recorded in Fishkill Village 1759. 
He served in the Continental Army in the same regiment with his brother Francis Isaac and John.

5th Regt. New York Line
Col. Lewis Dubois
Captain Thomas Lee's company.
Jan 1st 1777 to Jan 1st 1780.

This Robert Van Tine married Sarah Carpenter. 

Their son Daniel C. Van Tine married Almira Brown.

Their daughter Margaret L. Van Tine married Elisah Brown brother to Almira.

The only surviving member of Daniel C. V. T. family is Wm E. Van Tine 80 years old an inmate of the Soldiers Home Milwaukee in 1899.

8th of March 1758

Baptized in Fishkill Village Church 1759.


Baptized in Fishkill Village Dutch Reform Church in 1761.


The last of eleven children was born the last week of August and baptized in Fishill Village 1764.

She married Coen or Cowen when very young. She had but one child a daughter born when she was fifteen. She married three times. After her second marriage she lived in Washington N.C. [D.C.?] and after her third marriage went to Dighton Mass where she lived until the death of her husband Captain Briggs then went to Boston and lived with her daughter until she died when quite aged.

There was a William Van Tine Sergeant in Militia

2nd Regt Dutchess Co. NY.
Col. Dirck Brinkerhoff
Captain Isaac Van Wyck Co. 1775

In 1784 William Van Tine had a farm leased from John Brinkerhoff in Fishkill.

From 1726-9 There was a John Van Tine tax payer in Newburgh or in the town of Highland, Ulster Co, N.Y.

Cornelius and Nellie Ames children were -

Samuel married Annie ------
John married Frances Phillips
Betsey married Thomas Furral
Ann never married, died near Utica
Harry married Rachel R-----

Samuel lived and died above Fishkill Village near Shanader

His children were
Albro married Hannah Way, both died in New York City and were buried in Fishkill Village Cemetery - no children
Jan married ------ Horton
Isaac married Susan -------
Mary married ---------
Henry the youngest married Jane Van Vliet

in their early married life they moved to New York City, then to Astoria, there Henry died in his 76th year April 19th 1891.

His children

William lives in New York City.
Albro lives in Astoria with his mother
Cornelius lives in Florida
Jane married -----Laurrie
Estherlinda married George Van Wagner {brothers}
Harriet married Daniel Van Wagner {brothers}

Our grand-father John Van Tine son of Cornelius and Nellie Ames Van Tine was born February 7th 1787 in Fishkill Landing and at one time when a boy lived in the old De Windt house now called the Van Wagen house on the Poughkeepsie road.

He learned the blacksmith's trade in his brother Samuel's shop but his health failed him early in life, consequently he followed farming most of his days.

In 1811 he married Frances Phillips daughter of Catherine Phillips and David Phillips. They were cousins. They are buried in the old Dutch Church burying ground Fishkill Village.

Frances Phillips great-grand father came from Holland. He built the half stone house nest to what is now Charles Brinkerhoff place on the left-hand side

of the Poughkeepsie road.

He had four sons and two daughters. Grand-mother thought that some were born in Holland. One of the sons married Lavinia Sawyer. They lived on leased land on the Verplanck place. The Verplanck land then reached to Fishkill Village.

Phillips and Lavinia Sawyer Phillips had three boys and three girls. Two died young.

Abram married Easter ----- 
Catherine married her cousin David Phillips
One married Polly Ostrander, they bothe died of fever while on their way to California.
One child never married

David and Catherine Phillips had two children Abram and our grand-mother Frances.

Abram lived married and died in 

Bloomingburg Sullivan Co. N.Y.

Frances was married to John Van Tine son of Cornelius and Nellie Van Tine in 1811. A few years after their marriage while their son Samuel was a baby grand father was obliged to go to the war of '12. Grand-father's sister Betsey lived in the house with grand-mother while both of their husbands were in the war. For days together they never saw a man pass their houses. The only men left in a long distance around them was one old man and a foolish young man. The women would nail up their windows an hour before sunset.

Grand-father walked from New York City where the army was stationed to Fishkill between sunrise and sunset, stayed two or three days and then walked back. 

His discharge from the Army was sent to Washington when grand-mother obtained her widows pension, which she drew from the time the government granted pensions for the war of 1812 until she died.

Grand-father was a whig and his five sons grew up to be firm men of the republican party.

Grand-father was a great reader and a fine penman some of his time books are in the house now and bear testimony to his skill. He was sick for many years with bronchial consumption.

He died at his home in South St. Matteawan town of Fishkill, Dutchess Co, N.Y. February 9th 1860 age 73 years and 2 days is buried in St. Lukes Cemetery Matteawan where many of his loved ones are sleeping. Both he and grand-mother were members of

the Dutch Reformed Church Fishkill Landing. Grand-mother survived grand-father twenty-seven years. She died at her son John's residence Hudson St. Fishkill on Hudson age 92 years and 22 days. She was always strong and healthy, had no disease about her when she died, was worn out with old age and the excessive heat of the week proceeding her death. She was short and rather stout, blue eyes and an abundance of light brown hair, her skin was fair and smooth. She was a fine looking old lady and thorough practical woman. She was born June 16th 1795 and died Friday evening July 8th 1887 and buried 3 P.M. Monday July 11th 1887. 

They had ten children.

John and Frances Phillips Van Tine's children

Samuel, Born Nov. 21st 1812
Married Elizabeth Cobb
Died November 16th 1871
He left 2 sons and 5 daughters

Cornelius Born January 27th 1815
[written in by another hand - 1929/Julian A. Van Tine's grandfather]
Married Janette -----
Died October 31st 1882
He left a daughter and a son.

Abram Born June 23rd 1817
Married Sarah Meginn
Died June 17th 1898.
He left two sons.

Harriet - Born April 25th 1820
Married Joshua Huggins
Died December 21st 1902
Left no children

Ellen Born June 9th 1822
Married Amos Wood
Died January 12th 1882
She left a daughter and a son.

Cathern Born August 4th 1824
Married James Huggins
Died December 25th 1883
She left no children

John Henry Born November 26th 1826
Married Arabella Brown
Died February 27th 1895.
He left a daughter and four sons.

Frances Born August 30th 1828
Married William H. Jackson
Elmer Born November 6th 1831
Married Julia Odell
Died October 15th 1895
He left no children

Mary Matilda
Born October 15th 1836
Died September 18th 1837.

Cornelius and Nellie Ames Van Tine's daughter Betsey was the baby the soldiers made a pet of when in the winter of 1779-80 her parents kept four of them from the regiment that was encamped on the mountains.
She married Thomas Furral and during the war of "12" lived in the house with grand-mother while both their husbands were in the war. The house was on the old Stonykill road; before sun set they would nail up their windows, one afternoon they saw a man pass the house which frightened them so, that they walked to Fishkill Viallage to their Mothers, each with a babe in their arms. Late in life Betsey and Thomas moved near Utica New York. 
Thomas and Betsey Van Tine Furral's children were -
Ellen never married, died near Utica
Rachel Ann married Robert Brooks left one child
John married ---------- died in N.Y.
Thomas married Deborah Miller
Eliza died young.
Harry son of Cornelius and Nellie Ames Van Tine lived in Wappinger's Falls, Dutchess Co. N.Y. married
Rachel R----

Their children

Ellen married Du Bois died in Brooklyn
Sarah married Dutcher
Mary married -----Hignall lived & died in Wappingers Falls
Gertrude married Edward Van Aamburgh [sic] lives in Pleasant Valley Dutchess Co. N.Y. They have one son.