Interments in Dutchess County Cemeteries before 1880

The following are just a few of the old cemeteries located in Dutchess County. Most of the listings are taken from Poucher's "Old Gravestones in Dutchess County" which does not have listings for the more modern cemeteries. The following are listed under the closest town and then alphabetically by cemetery name. PLEASE NOTE: I have no information about these cemeteries, their exact locations, or who has the burial records. If you know of any errors in these listings, please e-mail me with the corrections. Lynn Brandvold.

 Added May 6, 2002Ginny Buechele has posted modern cemetery inscriptions which she has transcribed herself on Ginny's Genealogy Home Page. Scroll down to the middle of her page to see the links to these cemetery inscriptions.

The American Local History Network (ALHN) also has listings for Dutchess County Cemeteries, some are duplicates but most are not. The site coordinator for the ALHN Dutchess site, Debbie Axman and myself have put a search engine on both sites which will search all the cemetery listings at both sites with one search.

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To see photos of some of the Dutchess County Cemeteries visit John Dux's Dutchess County Cemeteries.


Amenia Burying Ground
Amenia Island Cemetery
Amenia Union Cemetery Listings from Poucher
Amenia Union Cemetery Listings from Hale
Benton Burying Ground
Dover Road Cemeteries
Kinney Burying Ground
Knickerbocker Burying Ground
The Red Meeting House Ground
Two Unnamed Grounds
Separate Burying Ground
Smithfield Burying Ground
South Amenia Burying Ground
Steel Works Burying Ground


Apoquague Friends Meeting
Beekman--Four Unnamed Grounds
Beekman Cemetery, Poughquag updated Jul 5, 2000
Beekmanville Baptist Church
Bentley Family Burying Grounds
Cornell Family Burying Grounds
Flagler Family Burying Ground
Rogers Family Burying Ground
Wiltsie Family Burying Ground
Union Church, Green Haven
Van Der Burgh Ground, near Gardner Hollow
Van Der Burgh Ground, near Poughquaq


Clinton Hollow Methodist Churchyard
Lyon Family Ground, Clinton Corners
Orthodox Friend's Grounds, Clinton Corners
Tripp and Spencer Family Grounds, Clinton Corners


Chestnut Ridge Friends Ground
Chestnut Ridge Methodist Ground
Deuel Burying Ground
Dover Plains--Unnamed Cemetery
East Mountain Ground
Family Ground--Dover
Hoag Burying Ground
Quaker Hill Burying Ground
Sheldon Burying Ground
South Dover Burying Ground  updated Aug 12, 2000
Valley View Cemetery Listings from Poucher's Old Gravestones of Dutchess County.
Valley View Cemetery Inscriptions copied recently. Includes both Poucher and modern inscriptions.
Webatuck Burying Ground updated Aug 12, 2000
Webatuck, Two Unnamed Grounds

East Fishkill

Adams Plot
Adams Family Ground, Hoch's Lane, Wiccopee
Ballard Family Ground
Baptist Churchyard, Fishkill Plains
Baptist Churchyard, Shenandoah
Benjamin Plot
Charlock Family Ground
Community Ground, Hortontown
Community Ground, Leetown
Community Cemetery Hortontown
Community Ground, Robinson Farm
Coon Plot
Halstead Family Ground
Hasbrouck-Van Vlack Ground
Hopkins Family Ground
Knapp-Pulling Plot
Methodist Churchyard, Johnsville
Tompkins Family Ground
Travis Plot
Turner Family Ground
Unnamed Ground, East Fishkill
Van Wyck Family Ground
Wright Family Ground


Dutch Churchyard, Fishkill Landing
Dutch Churchyard, Fishkill Village
Fishkill Rural Cemetery updated Aug 12, 2000
DAR Historical Monument
Methodist Churchyard, Matteawan
Negro Ground
Presbyterian Churchyard, Brinkerhoff
Schryver Ground
St Luke's Churchyard
Trinity Churchyard, Fishkill Village
Unnamed Ground

Hyde Park

Crooke Family Ground
Crum Elbow Friends Ground
Eames Family Ground
East Park Cemetery
Reformed Dutch Church
Rogers Ground
St James Church Ground
Stoutenburgh Ground
Tompkin Family Ground
Tompkins-Schryver Ground
Unnamed Ground
Van Dyke Family Ground

La Grange

Friend's Ground, Arthursburg
Manchester Bridge Cemetery
Methodist Ground, Potter's Corners
Presbyterian Ground, Freedom Plains
Van Kleeck-Westervelt Ground


Christian Church Cemetery
Quaker Ground
Rowe Ground
Shaw Ground
Shookville Union Church Cemetery
Teats Ground
Union Churchyard
Unnamed Ground
Another Unnamed Ground
Wirehouse Ground
Yeoman Ground

North East

Coleman's Station Burying Ground
Irondale Cemetery
North East Center Burying Ground
Square Burying Ground (both North Side and West Side of Bockee Wheaton Ground)


Abbott Plot
Akin Burying Ground
Allen Burying Ground
Brownell Burying Ground
Campbell Burying Ground
Haynes Ground
The Howes Family Cemetery
Oblong Friends Meeting
Pierce Family Ground
Pawling Rural Cemetery  new Dec 5, 2008
Quaker Hill Cemetery
Sherman Burying Ground
Spencer Family Cemetery
Taber Family Ground
Turner Ground
Toffey Family Ground
Watts Family Ground

Pine Plains

Bethel Cemetery
Bryan Burying Ground
Knickerbocker Ground
Moravian Mission Ground
Pine Plains Cemetery updated Jul 5, 2000
Richard Gray Burying Ground
Van Alstyne Burying Ground
Yeomans Cemetery

Pleasant Valley

Badgley Ground
Baptist Churchyard
Friends' Ground
Marshall Ground
Methodist Churchyard
Pittsbury Presbyterian Churchyard
Presbyterian Churchyard
Smith Ground
St. Paul's Churchyard


Christ Church Cemetery
Du Bois Family Ground
Fort Ground
Frear Ground
Methodist Church Cemetery, Poughkeepsie
Lassen Ground
Low Ground
Livingston Ground
New Hamburgh Presbyterian Church Cemetery
Poughkeepsie Baptist Cemetery
Poughkeepsie Friends Ground
Poughkeepsie Presbyterian Cemetery
Poughkeepsie, miscellaneous cemeteries
Poughkeepsie Rural Cemetery updated Jul 05, 2001
Reformed Dutch Church of Poughkeepsie
St Peter's Cemetery
St Peter's Cemetery Modern inscriptions.
St Peter's Cemetery More modern inscriptions.  added March 2010
Van Benschoten Ground
Van Der Burgh Grounds, near Poughkeepsie
Van Keuren Ground
Van Kleeck Ground
Westervelt Family Ground


Redhook Index


Rhinebeck Index


Bangall Baptist Cemetery
Carpenter Burial Grounds
Stanford Index on USGenNet Dutchess County Site

Union Vale

Union Vale Index


Wappinger Index


Washington Index


St. Pauls German Church
Cemetery listings copied by Ginny Buechele and posted on her genealogy pages.


Hoag Ground

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