Deed from Francis & Elizabeth Harris to Tilley Crouse, Oliver W. Doty, and Carlisle W. Tillon
Dutchess County Deed Book L72, p. 413

Transcribed by Carole Gibson

This Indenture made the second day of March in the year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred and forty two Between Francis Harris of the town of Hyde Park & County of Dutchess & Elizabeth his wife of the first part and Tilley Crouse of the town of Clinton & Oliver W. Doty & Carlisle W. Tillon of the town of Hyde Park in the County of Dutchess of the second part
Witnesseth that the said part of the first part of the first for and in consideration of the sum of One Dollar lawful money of the United States of America to them in hand paid by the said part of the second part at or before the unsealing and delivery of these presents the receipt whereof is hereby acknowledged have remise released and quit claimed and by these presents, do remise, release and quit claim unto the said parties of the second part and to their heirs and assigns forever. All that certain piece or parcel or lot of Land & the Mills & buildings thereon situate lying and being in the town of Hyde Park aforesaid described as follows to wit: Beginning at a point on the westerly side of the road leading to the Landing fifty feet seven perches from the south easterly corner of the Mill house and sixty three feet three inches north westerly from the southeasterly corner of the house belonging to John Burlls Landing on the easterly side of said road and [?] from thence north forty three degrees seven minutes west from chain two links crossing the Crum elbow creek to a heap of stones twenty feet southeasterly from the centre of the road leading to the steam Boat Landing thence along the southeasterly side of said road Keeping twenty feet distance from the centre of the same north thirty three degrees twenty six minutes east two chains sixty four and a half links to a heap of stones thence north forty eight degrees twenty three minutes east sixty links to a stone set in the north side of the embankment wall thence [x'd out: south sixty five degrees fifteen]minutes north eighty seven degrees thirty four minutes east fifty links to a stone set on the south side of said embankment wall thence south sixty five degrees fifteen minutes east eighty three links to the south west corner of bridge across the said Crum elbow creek at the saw mill thence south fifty four degrees east thirty eight links to the centre of said bridge along the southerly side of the same thence forty nine degrees east one chain twenty five links along the centre of said creek to a point of rocks with bushes growing upon them thence south eighty one degrees ten minutes east one chain twenty one links to the centre of first dam from the river thence south twenty one degrees thirty minutes east one chain twenty five links crossing a small part of the southwesterly side of the pond above the said dam to a chestnut stake standing in a small rivulet of water running into said pond and twenty feet westerly from the west side of the stone wall on the easterly side of the road leading to the plaster mill and fifty nine links easterly from the easterly side of a large button wood tree standing at the north end of the said Mill pond thence along the westerly side of the road landing to the plaster mil and crossing the road leading to the Steam Boat Landing and along the road leading to the Freighting Landing south forty two degrees forty five minutes west five chains eighty four links to the place of Beginning. Containing according to survey two acres twenty seven perches of land be the same more or less. Also the full and exclusive use of the Grist & Saw Mill dam the pond thereof and of raising the water to the top thereof and also of raising said dam one feet higher than it is now & of erecting a new dam or dams in its stead an so that the water does not overflow the streets or otherwise injure or interfere with the plaster mill dam the plaster Mill the water wheels thereof or of any other building or machinery that my hereafter be erected at or near the said plaster mill dam the water wheel or wheels of which shall not be lower than that of the present plaster mill and also the right of fixing in the land on the north side of the said Creek the north end or abutment of said dam or of the dam or dams that may hereafter be erected in its stead also the right of crossing or recrossing said bridge at all times also the right of erecting or making a Rail Road four feet wide from the west side of the Dry Dock abutment to the saw mill & as the rail road now is from the west side of said abutment to the sawmill and so that it shall not interfere or obstruct using the water on ground over which it may be laid which shall or may hereafter be wanted or used for Dry Dock purposes. Also the right of entrance to and from the River with [repels?] up and down said creek to & from said mills so that the same shall not interfere with said Dry Dock purposes Reserving hence the right of raising the water below the Grist & saw mill for Dry Dock purposes so that it does not interfere with the water wheels of said mills & of
any that may hereafter be erected in their stead. also reserving the right of changing the course of the stream or small creek now or later emptying in said grist or saw mill pond so that the same will empty into the plaster mill ponds. also excepting and reserving the public highway through the above to the Steam Boat Landing thirty feet in width. Also so much of the highway as is included in the above survey of the road leading to the Freighting Landing of whatsoever width it was here-
tofore laid out by the Commissioners of Highways and also reserving the right to the full use at all times hereafter of all the waters of the said creek and for all purposes whatever excepting so much thereof as shall be necessary for the use of the premises. Together will all and singular the tenements, hereditaments, and appurtenances thereunto belonging or in any wise appertaining and the [r….] and [?] remainder and remainders [?], [?] and profits thereof and also all the estate right, title interest dower right of dower property possession claim and demands whatsoever as well in law as in equity of the said part of the first part of in or to the above described premises and every part and parcel thereof with the appurtenances. To have and to hold the above granted and described
premises with the appertenances unto the said partners of the second part their heirs and assigns to
their own proper use and behoof forever—

        In Witness whereof the said parties of the first part have hereunto set their hand and
seal the day and year first above written ~        Francis Harris {SS}
        Elizabeth Harris {SS}
Sealed and delivered in the presence of
W. W. Woodworth

        State of New York Dutchess County [?] on the second day
of March A. D. 1842 before me came Francis Harris & Elizabeth his wife known to me to
be the persons described in & who executed the within conveyance who acknowledged that this
executed the same and the said Elizabeth acknowledged on a private examination separate
& apart from her said husband that she executed said conveyance freely & without any fear
or compulsion of her husband.
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