Girard Peter Haviland Family Bible

This bible contains the following surnames: HAVILAND; CARPENTER; WILEY; AUSTIN; KELSEY,

From The Holy Bible containing the Old and New Testaments translated out of the original tongues, together with the Apocrypha, concordance and Psalms and with the former translations diligently compared and revised. The text conformable to the original edition of the year of our Lord 1610, and the American Bible Society's original standard edition of 1816.

Published by William W. Harding, No 326 Chestnut Street, Philadelphia, 1868

Embossed on the outside of the front cover: "Grandpa to Girard"

Gerard P. Haviland and Amanda Carpenter were married May 27, 1869 at Edward Hunting's, Pine Plains

Virgil Carpenter Haviland and Harriet Emma Wiley married June 7th, 1896 at 112 East 120 St, New York City, by Rev Dr. Jas. G. Patterson, Pastor of East Harlem Presbyterian Church

Sherman Israel Austin and Zaide Augusta Haviland married Sept 16
th, 1896 at 24 Elm St, Saugerties, NY by Rev Oscar Haviland

Gerard P. Haviland,
son of Samuel H. and Sally Ann Haviland
was born June 17, 1847

Amanda Carpenter
was born July 8, 1848
in the town of Stanford,
daughter of Benjamin and Tammy E. Carpenter

Virgil C. Haviland,
son of Gerard P, and Amanda C. Haviland
was born Oct 14, 1873
in town of Milan, D. C., NY

Zaide Augusta,
daughter of Gerard P. and Amanda C. Haviland
was born March 7, 1876
in town of Pine Plains, D.C. , NY

daughter of Gerard P. and Amanda C. Haviland
born Oct 11
th 1880
in Barrytown, D.C., NY

Josephine Amanda,
daughter of Sherman I. & Zaide A. Austin
born Sat, Nov 10
th 1900
at #1 E. 113 St, New York, NY

Sherman Haviland Austin,
son of S. I. & Zaide Austin,
born at Mt. Vernon, NY
Mar 20, 1911

Amanda Frances Haviland,
daughter of Virgil C. and Harrietta Haviland,
born at Saugerties, NY
July 18, 1901

Samuel Girard Haviland,
son of Virgil C. and Harrietta Haviland
born at Saugerties, NY
Mar 3, 1906

Benjamin Carpenter Haviland,
son of Virgil C. and Harrietta Haviland,
born Catskill, NY
Dec 14, 1908


Grace Haviland died February 11
th 1881

Girard Peter Haviland Sept 7
th 1930

Amanda Carpenter Haviland Sept 6
th, 1934

Zaide Augusta Austin March 20, 1934

Virgil C. Haviland Jan 1
st 1951

Benj. C. Haviland 8/3/1952
at Deerfield, Mass.

Frances L. Wiley Kelsey
born East Kingston, NY
May 29, 1865
died in Buffalo, NY
Jan 19, 1927

Girard Haviland was born in Milan, Dutchess Co. and lived there until the 1870's. The 1880 census shows him living in Barrytown, Dutchess Co. with his family; wife Amanda and the oldest of their 3 children - Virgil and Zaide. The youngest, Grace, died before she was a year old. By 1900 he was living in Saugerties, Ulster County, NY with wife Amanda, son Virgil, and daughter in law Harrietta E. Haviland. 1920 finds him living in Mt Vernon, NY with the family of their daughter, Zaide Austin and by 1930 they were living in Millville, NJ, back with son Virgil and wife Harrietta.
Ann Haviland Amadori

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