Dutchess County Photos

These pages are devoted to the posting of old photographs depicting early families, buildings, homes, and life in Dutchess County, New York. There have been so many photos submitted that the original page was taking a long time to load. (I'm not complaining--just explaining the reason for the changes). So I have broken the page into two pages. One page contains the photos of individuals, families, and groups. The other page contains the pictures of buildings, street scenes, houses, etc. This page takes a while to load, but the detail in the photos is worth the wait. The photos shown on these pages were submitted by our visitors. The name and e-mail address of each submitter is supplied so that you can contact the submitter if you so desire. If you have photos you'd like to include in the Dutchess County Photo Album, send them to me! Include some descriptive text and the approximate year if you know it. The best format is jpg. Lynn Brandvold.

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Dutchess County Photos of Individuals and Families

Dutchess County Photos of Town and County

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