Samuel H. Haviland Family Bible


Family Bible of Samuel H. Haviland containing information on the families of Henry & Sarah Hoag Haviland, his parents, and Samuel & Ann Haviland Hoag, his mother's parents.

From: The Holy Bible containing the Old and New Testaments together with the Apocrypha Translated out of the Original Tongues and with the Former Translations Diligently Compared and Revised with Canne's Marginal Notes and References to which are added an Index, an Alphabetical Table of all the Names in the Old and New Testaments with their Significations, Tables of Scripture Weights, Measures, and Coins, etc.

Stereotyped by E. White, New York
Published by Daniel D. Smith, New York 1820

Henry & Sarah Haviland 24 Oct 1798   [Sarah's maiden name was Hoag]

Henry Haviland   9 Feb 1777
Sarah Haviland   5 Sep 1776    [Sarah's maiden name was Hoag]
Mary Haviland   5 Oct 1801
Loretta Haviland   23 Jan 1806
Thirza Ann Haviland   18 Apr 1809
Samuel [Hoag] Haviland   11 Nov 1812    [Samuel & wife are buried in Milan]
Abel H.Haviland   2 Feb 1815
Henry Haviland   10 May 1819

More Births:    [different handwriting - hard to read numbers - Sarah's birth family]
Samuel Hoag   12th of 9th month 1744
Ann Hoag   30th of 4th month 1748    [Ann's maiden name is Haviland]
Keziah Hoag   28th of 3rd month 1769
Isaac Hoag   9th of 10th month 1770
Jane Hoag   25th of 9th month 1772
Lydia Hoag   30th of 9th month 1774
Sarah Hoag   5th of 9th month 1776
Jacob Hoag   29th of 8th month 1779
Labon Hoag   23rd of 10th month 1781
Hannah Hoag   19th of 3rd month 1784
Samuel Hoag   9th of 4th month 1787
David Hoag   15th of 12th month 1789

Henry Haviland   15 Mar 1826   [Henry & wife are buried in Milan]
Loretta Skidmore   27 May 1899 8 AM  age 93y 4 m 2 d

Note: this Bible, published in 1820, has the names "Samuel H.+ Sarh. Haviland" and the date 1832 -the year he was married to Sally Ann Moore - in the front. No more data on Samuel's and Sally Ann's family - but it contains the family information of his parents and brothers and sisters and his mother's parents and brothers and sisters.         
The name "Samuel H." refers to Samuel Hoag Haviland, son of Henry and Ann Hoag Haviland. Samuel Hoag Haviland was Girard P. Haviland's father. "Sarh Haviland" is Sally Ann Moore, daughter of Peter H. Moore and Anna Hicks. Samuel Hoag Haviland and Sally Ann Moore Haviland were born in Milan and are buried in the Milan Union Cemetery. Henry and Sarah Haviland are buried in Milan in the Cemetery on Ferris Lane.

I received this family bible after my father's sister, Amanda Frances Haviland McCaw, died. She had been living in her father's house in Millville, NJ and he, Virgil Carpenter Haviland, had apparently inherited it, as well as the Daniel Carpenter family bible and the Girard P. Haviland family bible from his father, Girard Peter Haviland.

All three bibles are now owned by
Ann Haviland Amadori

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