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Triebel's Garage in the village of Red Hook about 1924. At its original location in the village of Red Hook at No. 11 North Broadway, on the east side of North Broadway, just north of the intersection with Market Street. Submitted by Roxy


Hamlet of Bangall in Standfordville dated 1888. Submitted by Jody.


Old Lagrange Schoolhouse in Lagrangeville. The one room school was used until 1952.
Submitted by Ginnie Flanders.

Oldest building in Dutchess County, the Madame Brett Homestead, built in 1709.
Submitted by Janet T. Newman.
For more information and pictures on this historic home Click here

Wiethan Home

Wiethan home on 47 Catherine Street, Poughkeepsie, NY.

Submitted by Richard Wiethan


Market Street Wiethan Piano Factory, Poughkeepsie, NY.

Submitted by Richard Wiethan

Piano This is the first piano built by Wiethan Piano Factory, Poughkeepsie, NY. The piano factory, established by Louis Wiethan, ca 1841, originally was on Market street where the Adriance Library now stands and later moved to 349 Main street. For more information on the factory and the Wiethan family click here.
Submitted by Richard Wiethan

William E. Cross water well drilling truck. His business opened in 1885 and closed in the 1960s when he could no longer handle it. This picture was taken in 1924.
Submitted by Kellie Bennett-Folkerts

View is from the top of the second tower of the Mid-Hudson Bridge while it was being built, looking towards Poughkeepsie. The date is Nov 21st 1929.
Submitted by Brian Robertson

Red Hook
The town of Red Hook at the corner of what is now 199 & Route 9 looking northeast. The large white building is now a deli. Probably taken around the turn of the century.

Submitted by Brian Robertson

RR Bridge
Building of the railroad bridge on Anson Road in the town of Stanfordville. Time is probably in the 1880's.
Submitted by Brian Robertson

Magill Home

  Home of Jessie and Henry "Harry" Magill in Pleasant Valley. Photo taken October 5, 1906.
Submitted by Nancy Hosmer


King's Court Hotel in Poughkeepsie.
Submitted by Jeanne Garde


Workers at Poughkeepsie chair factory.
Submitted by Jeanne Garde


West Pawling House at Whaley lake. Photo taken August 1912.
Submitted by Jeanne Garde

Last trolley trip down Main St., Poughkeepsie on November 25, 1935. Photo by Anna T. Wolven, wife of photographer Edmund L. Wolven.

Submitted by Jeanne Garde

North Home

The Reubin North home located on the corner of Noxon and Main in Poughkeepsie
Submitted by Edward Black

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